Can Roman Shades in Kelso Work for a Minimalist Style?

You’ve decided on a minimalist décor style in your home. This is a great way to put the focus elsewhere and to create an open space. Now you just need to look at getting window coverings that work for that. You’ve loved the look of roman shades in Kelso for years, but will they work for a minimalist look?

A minimalist look is characterized by simplicity. Most people stick to a monochromatic palette, and they will sometimes have an accent that draws people’s eyes in. Could roman shades work in this sense?

It’s Going to Depend on the Color of Roman Shades in Kelso

The first thing that it all comes down to is color. The minimalist look is all about neutral, monochromatic colors. We’re looking at black and white with maybe some greys thrown in there. That’s about it.

The good news is that roman shades come in fabric materials. You’ll be able to get whatever color you want, and that includes the black, white, or grey that you need to complete the current style that you have going.

In fact, there’s some even better news when it comes to color. White shades are among the most popular. They’re a great base for all décor styles. You’re likely to find a roman shade that will work with your window coverings with ease.

Tone down any prints you are considering. This is unless the shades will become the accent.

Get the Simplistic Styles of Roman Shades

There are different types of roman shades in Kelso. You can get stacked shades, relaxed shades, balloon shades, and something in between all those options. There are some beautiful and extravagant styles.

You’ll want to tone down the style that you get. It’s important to get something that offers that simplistic look, which means looking at relaxed or plain roman shades. You could get away with some of the linen options.

Of course, this will depend on where the accent is going to be in the house. You could choose to make your shades the place of the home that eyes are drawn to. In this case, get something that stands out a little more, but keep the colors simple.

Don’t Add Other Layers Around the Windows

Remember that you’re going for simplistic. You want to remove as much of the noise around the home’s décor as possible. Some roman shades in Kelso require a secondary layer due to some of the downsides. That’s especially the case if you have sheer shades in the bedroom. However, you want to avoid that secondary layer for the minimalist look.

A secondary layer adds more material in the home than necessary. Take a step back and look at adding roman shades that will immediately off all the benefits you need without the downsides.

If you really do need a secondary layer, keep the colors and style simple. Opt for plain drapes in either white or black to complement the rest of the décor.

You can use roman shades in Kelso in a minimalist décor style. The trick is to get every element of the roman shades just right.