Are Split Plantation Shutters in Longview Worth Considering?

It’s time to look at updating your window coverings. Plantation shutters in Longview certainly offer some excellent benefits, and they come in a variety of colors to work for your needs. Now you’ll need to look at the style of plantation shutters.

Most people will buy one long shutter (well, a pair, but you know what we mean) to sit over the window. You may want to look into split shutters.

What are Split Plantation Shutters in Longview?

Split shutters are a little like horse stall doors. They have a section that splits along the middle parallel to the ground. You can lock the two sections together and open the shutters as one like normal. You can also separate the sections and just open one half.

The split can be placed in the center of the window. You can also choose to have shutters custom made with the split being further down or further up depending on the style of window you have. The shutters can even be split into more than two parts depending on the size of your window.

Split plantation shutters offer some excellent benefits. Here’s why you’ll want to consider them for your home.

Privacy and Light at the Same Time

You can gain a lot of privacy and light with plantation shutters in Longview in general. Split shutters offer extra benefits.

When you have one long door over your window, you have to twist the louvers in the exact same way. You’ll be able to gain privacy, but this could block some of the natural light that you want to allow in the home. You can block the glare, but it can mean blocking the view to outside your home.

Split shutters allow you more control. You can open the top half of the split to let in all the natural light that you want. This is usually too high up for people to see through. The bottom half remains closed, and you can shut the louvers completely to gain maximum privacy without any light loss.

Prefer to see out but want to block the glare? Shut the top half and keep the louvers on the bottom half open. The glare is most likely coming from the top of the window anyway.

Maximum Temperature Control Without Sacrificing Light

Split plantation shutters in Longview are also great for managing temperatures in the home. You don’t want to lose the natural light in the summer, but you also want to manage those UV rays. You can block the rays in the top half of the window, keeping temperatures in the home to a minimum. That doesn’t mean you lose light. Keep the louvers open or you could open the shutters fully.

In the winter, you have shutters that will close up tight once the sun goes down. You have that barrier just like you would with normal shutters, locking the heat in the home.

It’s time to upgrade your home. Split plantation shutters in Longview are certainly worth considering as a good investment.