Pet Proofing Your Window Treatment

  • Pet-proofing your window treatments

    We love our pets. But, they don’t always show love to our window treatments.

    Somehow, animals have a magnetic attraction to them - they’re extra eager to make a mess of them, especially if they’re brand new!  Although we can do our best in training them and even taking them to doggy school, they don’t always behave. However, that doesn’t mean that our new drapes, shades or blinds have to pay the price each time our pup chooses to be a pup!

    There are ways you can secure our window treatments so we can focus on enjoying time with our furry friend and rest assured that our window treatments will be just as wonderful as the day they were installed.

    Let’s explore some ways that we can protect our window treatments:

    What can I do?

    First and foremost, understand why your animal is tearing up your blinds and act in a sympathetic way in response to their nature.

    Do you have that kind of dog that has to see every single person, car or leaf that slightly moves or makes a noise outside of your home? If there are blinds in the way of their view, they unfortunately don’t stop and think “Oh gosh, there is a leaf that just blew by outside. I should take my opposable thumbs and use them to un-obstruct my view so I can clearly see that leaf and proceed to bark at it.” They’re going to get those blinds out of their way!

    If this is the kind of pet you have, instead of yelling “No Fido, don’t do that!” and hope they realize that what they’re doing is wrong, you can instead remove the obstacle for them.

    Get adjustable blinds and leave them raised when you’re not at home so that your pup or cat can see under them. Schedule a free in-home consultation now!

    What happens if my dog is one of those that just chews on everything in his or her sight?

    Sometimes your dog likes to chew on things, even if there is no immediate external trigger that is causing this. While you may want to have a deeper look into what is causing this, there are a few quicker things that can be done to at least save your window treatments:

    1.    Give them something else to gnaw on.

    If your dog has a gnawing problem, then provide other things for him or her to bite on. These things can be toys, bones from the store which take several days or weeks for them to work on, or rubber balls which you can fill with snacks for them to work on getting out.

    2.    Get a deterrent spray.

    To be on the safe side, you can also buy pet deterrent sprays from the pet store. They all have a bitter taste and an odor that your pets will find to be foul. However, make sure to do a spot test on your window treatments prior to spraying the whole thing. This will help ensure that the deterrent doesn’t ruin them.

    We hope that you are happy with your blinds and that your dog or cat is behaving! We can help you  If you are due for new window treatment or are needing to replace new ones, call Jeff at 732.515.5458 for a free in-home consultation!

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