Will Roman Shades in Tumwater Retain Heat in the Winter Months?

It’s that time of year where you worry about the heat loss in the house. While the days are still warm, the nights are getting colder. And the winter weather will be here before you know it. You may already have roman shades in Tumwater or you may be looking at getting them. The question is whether they’re any good for the winter months.

If you already have the window coverings, you don’t necessarily want to replace them. If you don’t have them and are looking at them, you want to make sure they’re not a waste of money. Here’s everything to know about roman shades in the winter.

It’s Going to Depend on the Material

There are different materials when it comes to roman shades in Tumwater. You can get thinner materials that are great for the summer. They’re designed to manage the glare and UV rays to reduce the heat coming in and manage the light. They don’t offer the heat benefits in the winter.

During the winter, you want thicker materials. These are the type that could block out some of the natural light, but they don’t have to create a full blackout. They will block the heat getting through the windows on a night, managing the drop in temperatures.

If you already have thinner materials, consider getting a secondary layer instead of replacing your roman shades. Thermal drapes are excellent options for the winter as a secondary layer and can be removed and stored during the summer months.

You’ll Want to Think of Color of Roman Shades in Tumwater

If you already have the shades, you’re at a disadvantage. Lighter colors are great for managing the heat in the summer, but they may not be the best in the winter. They just don’t offer that many benefits.

Darker colors tend to retain the heat. When the UV rays shine through the window, they’ll hold onto that heat created and won’t lose as much heat in the home on a night.

You also get better privacy on a night during the winter months. However, the colors are a small factor compared to the materials.

Use the Shades Effectively in the Home

The best way to make the most of your roman shades in Tumwater is to use them effectively. You need to make sure you close them as soon as it gets dark out. Without the UV rays coming through the window, there’s no need to have the world on show.

During the day, the UV rays can help to offer a bit of heat. Even those the rays are lower than in the summer, they’re still somewhat effective. That heat is there on a night when the sun goes down. There’s a little extra natural heat instead of using your heating. The heating won’t turn on until it gets down to a particular temperature.

If you’re worried about using your shades effectively, consider motorized options. They’re expensive, but they’re worth the investment.

Roman shades in Tumwater can be effective for the winter months. You just need to have the right type or have a good secondary layer to work with them.