Will Kitchen Window Treatments in Olympia Suffer from Grease Issues?

When you choose kitchen window treatments in Olympia, you need to think carefully about the types of window coverings you buy. There are a few issues with the kitchen, and one of those is grease.

Kitchen grease travels. Even if your windows aren’t close to your stove, you’ll still find that the grease travels around the room. It’s impossible to get rid of the problem completely, so you need to manage it instead.

Opt for Vinyl, Metal, or Faux Wood Window Coverings

You’ll want to avoid materials that will suffer from the grease. Fabric kitchen window treatments in Olympia are cheaper, but they can end up with grease damage. You can end up with spots of grease forming, which can lead to the need to clean regularly. You may find that the damage never fully goes away.

You want a window treatment that is easy to clean instead. Metal, vinyl, and faux wood window coverings are the best options. These materials are designed to withstand moisture and other elements in the air. Aluminum is the preferred metal, and that won’t rust in the kitchen. The materials are easy to wipe clean regularly, so you don’t have to worry about the grease staining and damaging.

Faux wood is the most expensive option. It’s usually a wood composite with a protective layer on the outside. They look like the real wood treatments, but they are designed to last much longer and withstand more problems.

You Need a Good Cleaning Schedule for Kitchen Window Treatments in Olympia

Regardless of the type of window coverings you get, it’s important to have a good cleaning schedule. Cleaning is the best way to protect your window coverings from the grease in the kitchen.

It’s worth wiping down your window coverings once a week or once every couple of weeks. This will get rid of some of the minor grease buildup. Of course, this will depend on how often you cook. If you prefer to eat out a lot or you eat at others’ houses regularly, you’ll find the grease buildup doesn’t happy as frequently as it would if you cooked every day.

Every few months, you’ll need to do a deeper clean. This doesn’t mean with harsh chemicals. Warm soapy water is usually enough to wipe them down and get rid of that grease buildup.

You can still clean them if you don’t do it regularly. It’s just going to take a bit longer to do it. You’ll need slightly harsher cleaning products to get into the materials, especially if you have faux wood that looks like there are the natural wood markings where grease can collect inside.

Grease can be a major problem in the kitchen. It doesn’t even matter where in the kitchen you are. The grease travels, and that can lead to your kitchen window treatments in Olympia needing a deep clean. With the right cleaning schedule, you can manage the situation easily, but you’ll want to make sure you have the right materials first.