Why You Need Fitted Cellular Shades in Tumwater

Cellular shades in Tumwater offer some excellent benefits. They are great for the majority of rooms in the home, but you’ll want to look at specific options. Fitted or custom-made shades are the best.

When you opt for fitted shades, they are going to sit in your window frame. They usually sit on a type of runner, making it possible to pull them up and down without all the cords. Here’s why they’re the best for your home.

They Are the Safest Option for the Family

You don’t have the cords on these cellular shades in Tumwater. This is something you need to pay attention to. There are a lot of concerns about cords and children, and there have been a lot of horror stories. It’s led to manufacturers changing the way they design their window coverings.

When the shades sit in a runner in the window, you don’t need to worry about the cords. The shades will pull up and down easily with a locking system. It’s all with a button, so you keep the whole family safe.

You’ll Manage Temperatures Much Better

When your cellular shades in Tumwater don’t fit in the windows properly, it’s hard to manage the temperatures. You’ll have gaps where the heat can escape in the winter, or you’ll find UV rays shine through the windows and cause rising heat in the summer. You end up using the utility bills a lot more throughout the year.

With fitted shades, you don’t have this issue. There are no gaps because the shades are made to fit the windows exactly. You manage the temperatures in the room a lot better, helping you keep your utility bills down without feeling uncomfortable in the space.

You Can Get Top-Down Shades

With fitted cellular shades in Tumwater, you’re opening your options up to other types of window coverings. There is a chance to get top-down, also known as sun-down, window shades. This is a great way to get more light control and privacy at the same time.

You may want to let some extra light into the home. You don’t want people seeing in, though. It’s important to find a way to handle that, and top-down shades make that possible. You get to keep the bottom of the window covered while pulling the top of the shades down, letting in some of the light. This is great if you don’t have direct sunlight or it’s a little cloudy outside.

When you want to block all the light, you just pull the shades back up. If privacy isn’t a concern, you can pull the shades up from the bottom to allow in some light or so you can see to the outside world easily. You have full control over light and privacy in your home.

When buying window coverings, you’ll want to look at getting them custom made or fitted. The right cellular shades in Tumwater are safer for the whole family and will offer you many more benefits than something that doesn’t quite fit properly.