What’s the Difference Between Honeycomb Shades and Cellular Shades in Olympia?

There are a lot of different types of window coverings available. As you’re looking around for something that works for your needs, you’ll have questions about the styles you see. While searching for cellular shades in Olympia, you may have come across the term honeycomb shades.

While looking at the pictures, you can’t really see a difference between the two. What is the difference between these two types of window coverings? Which one is going to be best for your needs?

The Names Are Interchangeable

The truth is there is no difference. Honeycomb shades are the same as cellular shades in Olympia. You may also see the names “honeycomb blinds” and “cellular blinds.” All the names are interchangeable.

The difference is going to depend on the age or demographic of the people selling the products in a lot of cases. Or it could be just based on the term that is more popular right now.

These types of shades get the two names due to the way the shades look from the side. The cells that are created from the two pleats running back-to-back can look like honeycombs. They’re not quite honeycombs because they don’t have enough sides, but people think of them as a little like honeycombs.

The two types of shades do the exact same thing. The cells, or honeycombs, will trap the air that is working its way around the room and circulate it back the way it came. This can help to manage temperatures throughout the year. You’ll also find that they manage the light well, in many cases filtering it rather than blocking it all out.

Pleated Shades Are Different to Cellular Shades in Olympia

Something to keep an eye out for is the term “pleated shades.” These are different to both honeycomb and cellular shades, but at an initial glance they can look the same. This glance is usually straight forward, but it’s from the side that you will be able to see the difference.

Pleated shades are just one layer of material that is pleated into a zig-zag pattern. With just the one layer, there isn’t the cellular structure that appears from the side. You have nothing to trap the air and circulate it back the way it came. Pleated shades look pretty, but they’re not the most cost-effective options for the home.

Honeycomb and cellular shades in Olympia are actually two pleated shades together. The pleats run back-to-back to create the cells. You’ll find that they connect where they zig instead of zag.

Double-Layer Cellular and Honeycomb Shades

You can also look at getting cellular shades in Olympia that are double-layered. This means that they have an extra pleated section. The shades have two lots of cells to make a thicker window covering.

These are excellent if you have a colder home in the winter. The extra layer will help to add more insulation around the windows, blocking more heat from escaping. However, you can suffer from some lighting benefits due to the extra layer.

Don’t worry if you see honeycomb shades that look just like the cellular shades in Olympia you’ve been searching for. The two terms mean the same thing.