What Are the Best Window Shades in Olympia for Skylights?

You have a skylight in your home. At first, you thought how cool this was. Think about how much light you can let into the home. Then you realized a major issue. Which window shades in Olympia do you get for this window?

The skylight could be straight across the roof. Or maybe it’s on a slant. Either way, gravity is going to cause a problem for some blinds, and they could end up being out of reach. Here are the best window shades to consider.

Get Made-to-Fit Window Coverings for the Skylights

Start with made-to-fit window shades in Olympia. Right now, it doesn’t even matter on the style or the material. You just want to make sure that they fit within the windows and they only cover just as many windows as you need.

If you have larger shades, you run the risk of gravity problems. The middle of the shades will droop, allowing some of the light and glare to shine through the gaps. You’re letting a lot of heat in when it comes to UV rays hitting the glass.

With made-to-fit window coverings, they’ll usually sit on a runner. They remain tight when closed, so gravity can’t make parts of the material droop down.

Look Into Motorized Window Shades in Olympia

Let’s be honest; trying to open and close the window coverings can be difficult. You want to make sure you don’t have to stand on chairs that you can fall off just to get the job done. Why not invest in something that runs on a motor or on the electrics?

There are many types of motorized window coverings now. You can get those that run off an infrared system, so you just have one remote. This is great if you want to keep the costs down and you’re only getting motorized window coverings for this window.

What if you want something for more windows in the home? What if you want to upgrade your technology? Consider smart blinds. These will connect to your smartphone, allowing users outside the home as well as connecting to voice-activated devices.

Stick to Simple Shades Like Roller Shades

There’s no point getting fancy when it comes to window shades in Olympia for the skylights. Think about how things will look when gravity starts to do its work. Those cascading roman shades just don’t look as beautiful or hang right when they’re on the roof instead of hanging naturally against the walls.

Keep it simple for the skylight. Most of the time, you’re looking for something that manages the UV rays coming through the window. This isn’t a window that makes a statement when it comes to window coverings. You have other windows in the house for that need.

Simple window shades are also going to cost less. This doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful materials and prints. What it means is skip the Venetian blinds or roman shades. Solar and roller shades are the way to go.

Skylights don’t have to be too difficult to manage. With the tips above, you’ll get the perfect window shades in Olympia for your needs.