Facts You Need To Know About The Cornice In Lacey Window Treatments’

Decorating your home’s rooms is easy because you choose what you love for each room based on your personal style. The same can be done with the window treatments selected for each room’s windows. There are a lot of various options you can choose for your windows but one fun and effective way to add an aesthetically pleasing look to all your windows is to add a cornice in Lacey window treatment to each window.

There are many facts about this type of window treatment that you need to learn, and the following are the most important facts for you to learn about now. First, you need to learn exactly what a cornice is.

It is a block of wood that is molded into a shape that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Then it is positioned above the window frame or on the side of the window to help add life to the window it is added to. This helps to provide an interesting and unique look to every window they are added to.

Now for you to learn about the other facts about this type of window treatment.

One: Variety of options available – When it comes to this type of window treatment, there are a variety of options available for you to choose from. You can opt for a wider cornice or a narrower option, whatever will look more aesthetically pleasing to you for your windows.

The depth and height of the cornice board can range anywhere from twelve to twenty inches. This can help make your windows look unique, but it can also help to make them look taller.

Two: Various styles – There are also various styles for you to choose from such as the flat wood style, which is one of the most popular types. These work well for windows that already have a rustic type of window treatment on them.

Another style is a cornice that is covered with fabric. You can even find the option that will match and complement the color of the curtains or drapes that you already have on your windows. This will help to add a whole new aesthetically pleasing look to all your windows. It will draw the eye of everyone that enters that room to the windows, making them stand out and look original.

Knowing these facts about the cornice in Lacey window treatments will allow you to confidently decide if this is what you want to add to your home’s windows. Take time to look at different cornice options, so you can decide if any of them add the unique and aesthetically pleasing look to all your windows that you are trying to achieve.