Can Vertical Blinds in Tumwater Help If You Have Trouble Sleeping?

Poor sleep is one of the main contributors to poor work productivity. It’s also a contributor to poor mental health. You need to make your bedroom effective for good sleep, which is why you’re looking into different types of window coverings. Something you’ve come across is the option of vertical blinds in Tumwater.

Vertical blinds seem perfect for your window. They will fit the size, and they will open the same way your sliding window does. The problem is you’re not sure if the blinds will be any good to help you sleep.

Part of this will depend on the reason for your poor sleep. There are a few factors at play. When it comes to your environment, temperature and light are the biggest issues, and here’s how vertical blinds in Tumwater could help.

They Can Block Out All the Light Day and Night

One of the biggest benefits is the blackout effect that these window coverings offer. Vertical blinds are slat blinds, and they’re usually made of faux wood, vinyl, or real wood materials. If you do get fabric blinds, you’ll need to keep the thickness and style of material in mind to make sure it does the blackout job that you need.

When you close the slats completely, you can block out all the light shining through. It doesn’t matter if it’s day or night. If you work shifts or you’re on nights, you’ll need to make sure you block out the light during the day. The last thing you need is for your body to struggle to sleep because it’s still daytime.

On a night, blocking out light is still good. You may have issues with streetlights or car headlights shining through. Maybe you struggle because of the lighter evenings and early mornings in the summer months. Either way, blocking out all the light is going to help you sleep better.

Vertical Blinds in Tumwater Can Manage Temperatures

The other environmental reason for poor sleep is not getting the right temperature in the room. A set of vertical blinds will help with this, as long as you’ve got the right material. Like with the light, you’ll want to consider the thickness of fabric blinds if those are the ones you get. Others are designed for temperature benefits.

When you close the slats, you’ll create a barrier against your window. This is great for blocking heat loss from the room. Sure, you can use internal heat to maintain temperatures in the winter, but don’t you want to do it naturally and save on your heating bills? By blocking the heat loss, the room stays warmer for longer.

During the summer, you can block the UV rays shining through. Twist the slats slightly to allow natural light without the glare. This keeps temperatures down during the day, so you don’t have to deal with an overly hot room on a night.

It’s time to make your bedroom perfect for good sleep. Vertical blinds in Tumwater can certainly offer some benefits.