Can Motorized Blinds in Olympia Work Manually?

Of course, you’re getting motorized blinds in Olympia to work with the motors. You want to take advantage of timers and the ability to work the blinds when you’re not anywhere near them. However, there are times that a manual method is needed to open and close them.

One of the biggest concerns for motorized blinds is how they work when you have a power cut. Are you stuck with the blinds open or closed the whole time? And what if you control things with Wi-Fi and your internet provider is having a problem? You need to have a backup option to work your blinds when needed.

Motorized Blinds in Olympia Come with a Backup Option

When you look at all motorized blinds, you’ll see that the main focus is on how they work automatically. However, they will all come with a backup method of operation. They need to. Everyone knows that there’s a chance your main power source won’t work, and you can’t always wait for that to be fixed.

If you are stuck without power, there will be a way to open and close the blinds. You’ll find that there may be a cord to some of the blinds. Others will have a secondary power source, such as a battery pack.

Control with the Push of a Button

One of the methods of controlling motorized blinds in Olympia without a power source is to control with the push of a button. The blinds are usually connected to some sort of battery pack, which allows the motor to keep working even when your main power source isn’t working. Others will require you to do some manual work to open and close the blinds.

You’ll want to get the button options as a secondary operating source. Cords are easy to use, but they’re dangerous for children and pets. This is the big reason you’ve gone for cordless options, right? You want to keep everyone in the home safe.

Ask About the Specific Blinds You’re Looking At

One of the best things you can do is ask about the specific motorized blinds in Olympia you’re considering. This is a good way to make sure you’ll get the most use, especially if you suffer from routine power cuts due to a grid problem. The last thing you want is to not be able to use your window coverings the way you prefer.

If you’re buying online, get on the live chat option or send an email. Make sure you include the product name and number. This will help the customer support agents look into the exact blinds so they can relay all information. Ask all about the way the secondary operating system works. If you need a battery pack, you’ll need to know so you have batteries to power the system if the main electricity source goes down.

Motorized blinds in Olympia are certainly worth buying, but it’s normal to worry about what happens when you don’t have power in the home. How are you going to work your window coverings?