Are Levolor Blinds in Olympia Safe for Children?

You have children in the house. They may be yours or you may be babysitting grandchildren. Either way, you have to think about their safety, and that leads to looking at your window treatments. It may be time for an upgrade, but are Levolor blinds in Olympia the right options?

There are good chances you’ve heard great things about Levolor blinds. They are a good quality, and you can get a wide range of styles and needs. It still comes down to safety, though. That is your number one priority right now.

Look Out for Blinds Without Continuous Loops

One thing to do is to look out for any continuous loops on Levolor blinds in Olympia. It’s the loops that are the most dangerous element for children. There have been a lot of stories of children putting their heads through the loops and getting tangled up accidentally. You don’t want your children to be a horror story.

There are a lot of styles when it comes to blinds. Continuous loops are common for a lot of roller blinds or some venetian blinds. However, a lot of companies are starting to move away from these. Levolor is certainly a brand looking to move away from them due to the horror stories.

You will be able to find safer blinds from Levolor. It just requires looking for them.

Check for Child Safety Marks on Levolor Blinds in Olympia

You’ll often find that Levolor blinds will come with a child safety mark. This isn’t a grade as to how safe they are. It’s usually a note on the listings to say if they’re recommended for children or not.

If you look carefully, you’ll see why some blinds are considered safer for children than others. A lot of it has to do with the cords. Any blinds with cords can be considered unsafe for children. You want something that avoids the cords completely.

Sometimes, you won’t finds the markings on the listings. This is especially if you go into a store to look for blinds. So, in this case, you need to talk to someone. There will be staff members online and in store willing to help you find the safest Levolor blinds in Olympia for the whole family.

Choose Smart Blinds If You Can Regardless of the Company

Some of the best blinds that you can get are smart blinds. Levolor has them, but so do a lot of other companies. It doesn’t matter which brand you go for. It’s all about looking for blinds that are smart.

If you want slightly cheaper, then you’ll want to look at older motorized blinds. These aren’t connected to your smartphone or voice activated devices, but they are connected to a remote. They will still open and close without anyone being near the blinds, and that means no cords!

Make your home as safe as possible for the smaller humans around. Levolor blinds in Olympia can be among the safest options available, as long as you get the right style.