Are Any Corded Blinds in Tumwater Safe for Children?

There are now children in the house, and that means you need to make everything as safe as possible. Your blinds in Tumwater need to be checked over to make sure they’re safe.

Your blinds? If you look online, you will see a lot of horror stories about accidents involving corded blinds. You have corded blinds, and you don’t quite have the money to upgrade everything to cordless. Is there a way to make your home safe for children with corded blinds? Are any of them safe?

No Corded Blinds Are Fully Safe for Children

We do have to be honest. When it comes to blinds in Tumwater, nothing with cords is considered all that safe. It doesn’t matter what type of cords you have; they can all cause damage and danger.

Children don’t understand the dangers of corded blinds. They’re going to play with things that are in reach, especially toddlers. You need to keep things completely out of sight to keep them out of mind.

If you can afford to change up your blinds in the rooms that children are left alone in, this is something to consider. You may not be able to do it right away, but you’ll want to save up for something safer for the home.

Continuous Loop Corded Blinds in Tumwater Are the Most Dangerous

When it does come to the corded blinds, there are some that are far more dangerous than others. Continuous loop cords are the worst kind. They already have the loop that is interesting for children. They can look like necklaces, and then children will put their heads through the loops. Before anyone knows it, they’ve gotten themselves tangled with the cord around their necks.

Any type of cord can create a loop, though. You can end up with knots in the cords, and that’s something you need to deal with each time as soon as you notice the knots.

However, the continuous loops are always like this. You will need to cut the cord if you want to get rid of the immediate and consistent danger. This can be problematic if you cut the cords in the wrong place and end up struggling to open and close your blinds.

Take Steps to Keep the Cords Out of Reach

If you can’t afford to replace all your blinds in Tumwater yet, you’ll want to take steps to keep children safe. The best thing you can do is keep cords out of reach.

One way of doing this is with a tension device. The cord is still technically in reach, but the cord wraps around the small device at the bottom of your windows. It holds the tension in the cords so a loop can’t form or so that small children can’t get their heads through anything.

Another option is to have a hook at the top of the window. The cord remains over the hook at all times, only removed by adults when opening and closing the window coverings.

You don’t need to replace your blinds in Tumwater right away, but eventually, you will want to. There aren’t really any corded options that are safe with small hands around.