Why Aren’t My Vertical Blinds in Mechanicsville Opening?

You got your vertical blinds in Mechanicsville closed last night. Now you need to open them, but they’re stuck. You just can’t twist the slats to make them sit perpendicular to the window. What’s the problem?

 There are a few potential reasons your vertical blinds aren’t opening properly. Don’t get ready to replace them just yet as you may find there’s a simple fix. Here’s your troubleshooting guide first.

 They’re Crossed the Wrong Way

 Sometimes, the slats won’t quite sit properly from the top. They’re meant to sit with one side over the top of a new slat, so it looks like they cascade across. When you look carefully, you may find that one of the slats sits completely in front of the two slats next to it. 

Because of the slat being crossed the wrong way, it’s impossible to turn it. You’ll need to fix this to get your vertical blinds in Mechanicsville to open. The good news is the fix is easy and usually just involves sliding one side of the slat behind the other.

 This happens commonly when the window is open. If the slats are blowing in the wind, they can land back out of order.

 The Slat was Installed Backward

 If you’ve recently replaced your vertical blinds in Mechanicsville, you’ll want to check the look of the slat. If your slat was replaced backwards, you’ll find it doesn’t turn the way that it should do. While the rest of the slats try to turn one way, the replaced one wants to turn the opposite way. It’s already locked in place and prevents the rest of the blinds from opening.

 You’ll need to remove the blind from the holder and turn it around. Sometimes, it’s the mechanism that needs to be turned around instead.

 The Mechanism Is Jammed

 If it’s not the slats, then you’ll want to look into the mechanism of your vertical blinds in Mechanicsville. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is for something to get jammed into the mechanism by accident. More often than not, it can be dust or pet fur.

 It’s important to check your blinds regularly. Make sure the mechanisms are cleaned out frequently to prevent this from happening. Like other reasons, the good news is that cleaning out the jam will usually mean you can open and close your blinds easily.

 The Whole Mechanism Is Broken

 The more costly problem is that the mechanism has broken. This could be a cord that’s snapped or a piece of the mechanism became jammed and was forced open in the past. You’ll need to get the mechanism completely.

 Vertical blinds in Mechanicsville are affordable to replace. In fact, it’s often cheaper to buy new than it is to repair the problem. You’ll want to consider this if your blinds aren’t opening for this reason.

 For the most part, your vertical blinds in Mechanicsville aren’t opening for a simple reason. With a quick fix, you’ll find that you can use the blinds as and when you want again. There’s only a handful of times when you’ll need to repair or replace.