Macro, Mini, Vertical, Oh My!: The Top Types of Blinds in Ruther Glen

There are just so many types of blinds in Ruther Glen, and the options are growing by the day. It makes choosing the perfect option for your home much harder than ever before. How do you select the type that works best for your windows?

Before you even look at benefits, you need to know about the different types. Looking at them will help determine based on size and style whether they’re going to work for your windows. Here are the top types of blinds available.

Vertical Blinds for Sliding Doors and Windows

If you need something for your sliding doors and windows, you’ll want to consider vertical blinds in Ruther Glen. The blinds are just as the name suggests: They hang vertically instead of horizontally.

The vertical slats are long, usually covering the whole window. When you open and close, you work in the same direction as the sliding windows and doors, gaining more use out of the style of windows. It’s easy to get something in a color or style that works for you, as vinyl shades are among the most popular.

Venetian Blinds in Ruther Glen for Traditional Windows

If you have the more traditional types and size of windows, you’ll want to consider vertical blinds. These are among the most popular styles, offering a range of benefits from heating, lighting, privacy, sound control, and more.

The blinds are horizontal slat blinds, allowing you to twist the slats to redirect the light. Similarly to vertical blinds, they can be made to work with any décor. However, they pull up and down instead of side-to-side, allowing you to use your more traditional windows that open outwards or slide up and down.

Mini Blinds for Small Windows

If you have slightly smaller windows, you’ll want to look at mini blinds in Ruther Glen. These are venetian blinds but on a slightly smaller scale. You’ll save some money on the designs and they can fit into more office spaces in the home.

You can also use them for larger windows. Mini blinds stack side-by-side easily. The gap between them is barely obvious, making it look like you have a large blind until you start using them separately. They can also fit perfectly into bay windows.

Macro Blinds for Even Smaller Windows

If you need to shave off a little more space, you’ll want to look into macro blinds. These are a half-inch smaller than the mini blinds, offering something for your bathroom windows and even attic spaces.

Like mini blinds, they can stack side-by-side, offering the perfect option if you have larger windows. You may find that alternating between mini and macro blinds will work for your needs.

Panel Blinds for Patio Doors

If you don’t want the vertical blinds in Ruther Glen, you may want to look at using panel blinds. These have started to become popular for their versatility. They look like a bunch of roller blinds that slide instead of roll up and down.

The benefit is adding layers. You can close one panel for filtering the light but all three or four panels to create a blackout effect with your blinds in Ruther Glen.