How Often Should You Change Your Curtains in Woodford?

You’ve found the perfect set of curtains in Woodford for your home. They are the right color for the personality of the room and fit in with other furniture. These curtains even offer the heating and lighting benefits you’ve been after. But now you’ve heard that you might need to change them.

You may be worried about the damage the UV rays are doing to your curtains. Or you may fear that they’re looking old and worn. How do you know your curtains need changing? How often should you change your curtains?

Summer and Winter Curtains in Woodford

Some people will choose to have a set of winter and summer curtains. You can get a bright and airy set for the summer to allow more light into the home. Then in the winter, you can get a set of thicker curtains to prevent the heat escaping the home. While doing this can add more financial and style benefits, there’s no need to switch if you don’t want.

Most people would make a switch before double glazing became popular. The thicker curtains were needed in the winter when there would be much more heat loss through the windows in the colder months. This doesn’t happen as much now, but you can still benefit.

If you have a secondary window covering, such as a shade or blind, switching the curtains in Woodford isn’t necessary. However, you can add a season color if you want.

When You Want to Change the Use

Right now, your curtains offer the benefits that you want. They’re light in color and filter the light coming through the window. While they don’t create a complete blackout effect, they do make managing the glare easy.

But what if that’s no longer a benefit anymore? What if you want the complete blackout effect? While you could get a secondary window covering, changing your curtains could also be beneficial. Look out for a thicker material that will create a blackout effect.

The same applies the opposite way. While those blackout curtains were great for your children when they were babies and napped in the day, they’re not the best as your children get older and want to reduce glare while playing in their rooms.

Curtains Starting to Age

Whether you’ve looked after your curtains in Woodford or not, after a while, they will start to look old. The colors can fade from the UV rays or the material just starts to look dated. The seams can start to break and the lining can start to fray. This is all normal with wear and tear.

If it does happen, you’ll want to look at changing your curtains. While you could repair the damage, there are times that changing will be more cost efficient in the long run.

Most curtains in Woodford should last for at least five years. You can get longer depending on the material and amount you care for them. Make an executive decision in your home. If you think they need changing and you’re not happy with them, they need changing!