Faux Wood Shutters vs. Faux Wood Blinds in King George: What’s Right for You?

You know that you want window coverings in a faux wood material. The two most common options are faux wood shutters or faux wood blinds in King George, leaving you with a choice to make. Which one should you get?

Both options are beautiful and help to block the light coming into the room. They offer all the benefits that faux wood offers, but they’re not perfect for all. One will likely be more suited to you than the other and here’s how to make your choice.

Consider the Permanence of Your Location

Shutters are beautiful but they’re permanent. They’re designed to add value to your home, remaining behind when you move. Faux wood blinds in King George on the other hand, are designed to be more fluid. They can move with you and don’t need to be custom made.

This fact is going to affect you directly. If you move around a lot or you’re renting, the last thing you want is to spend money on a window covering that’s permanent. Moving after a year or two doesn’t allow time for a property to gain in value, so the shutters will do nothing. When you rent, the value is passed onto the landlord. So, blinds it is.

If this is your forever home, faux wood shutters are worth the consideration. They create a permanent fixture that you know you’ll love the whole time you’re there.

Upfront Cost vs. Long-Term Financial Benefits

What’s your budget like right now? That’s a necessary answer to determine whether you should get faux wood blinds in King George or opt for shutters instead. Faux wood is among the more expensive materials, but shutters are always going to outprice blinds.

Shutters are permanent fixtures and often custom made. They also cost more money to install than blinds. You’ll need to set a budget for your window coverings. Yes, there are long term financial benefits with shutters, but you’ll need to consider whether they are viable for you. If you’re going to move soon, the long-term financial benefits aren’t going to work out in your favor.

Faux wood blinds in King George are cheaper to buy. They also offer a range of long-term financial benefits because of the way they’re made and the material you choose. While you don’t get the added value to your home that plantation shutters offer, you do get to save money on utility bills. When you’re renting or you have to move soon, blinds end up being the more financially viable option.

Privacy and Security Benefits

Both shutters and blinds offer good privacy benefits. They can completely shut out the view from outside, creating a blackout effect in the home. You can feel more comfortable, both mentally and physically. However, shutters are much harder to get through, creating that feeling of being more secure in your home.

While there are many similarities between shutters and blinds, but you need to consider your current living situation. If you’ve bought your forever home, shutters could be a good consideration, otherwise, you’ll want faux wood blinds in King George.

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