Can You Get Waterproof Roman Shades in Woodford?

You want roman shades in Woodford for your bathroom but realize that they’re probably not made of the best material. Your bathroom gets humid and damp, meaning the material can soak in the moisture and end up with some mold growth. If only you could get waterproof roman shades.

Are Waterproof Roman Shades in Woodford Real?

The great news is that you can actually get a set of waterproof roman shades. Yes, they certainly do exist. The material looks bold and natural, but it’s actually perfect for a room that has a lot of moisture and dampness.

Waterproof shades have a vinyl covering to them. Sometimes they can be made of fabric with the vinyl treatment over the outside and sometimes they’re just made of pure vinyl or PVC. The exact type you get will depend on the budget you have available and the result you want in the end.

Waterproof Blinds Made to Order

Waterproof roman shades in Woodford come in different styles and colors. You can get them made to order, creating the exact look you want. Need a floral pattern to work with the rest of the bathroom décor? That’s not a problem at all. Prefer a pastel coloring to create a springtime or relaxing summer look? You’ve got it!

The blinds can also be made to suit specific window sizes. After all, bathrooms tend to have smaller windows that most other rooms. The window is there to let in some light but you still need some privacy, so the window can’t be too large. Windows in bathrooms can also be a different shape to work for the different sizing, sometimes being longer instead of wider or a circular shape.

By getting blinds made to order, you have something that fits the exact shape. There’s no need to get more material than you actually need, helping to keep the cost down and avoiding a strange look when dressing your windows.

Practical and Easy to Use Window Coverings

Waterproof roman shades in Woodford are also extremely easy to use. It’s possible to hang them yourself, with little knowledge or help. If you want to hire someone you can, but there’s no need to think about this in your budget.

The shades are also extremely easy to use, which is important when you’re in the bathroom. When grabbing a quick shower, you don’t want to have to mess around with cords and fastening methods. You just want to get in the shower with privacy!

And roman shades in Woodford will certainly offer privacy. They cover the whole window, without necessarily cutting out all the light. Nobody can see past the waterproofing material.

The next time you’re looking for something for your bathroom, consider getting shades. Initially, it can feel like roman shades in Woodford aren’t suitable for the humid rooms, but this is where you’re wrong. With waterproofing, these shades are beautiful, light options, offering peace of mind, ease of use, and low-cost window covering options. What more do you want?