Blinds in Doswell Can Protect Furniture from UV Damage

The sun is beautiful but it’s also damaging. This isn’t just the case for your skin, but also for your home. The UV rays will damage your furniture and your walls, but you can reduce that damage through the use of blinds in Doswell.

All types of blinds can protect your home, including solar blinds. Not sure how they could possibly work? Here’s how blinds will protect your furniture for UV damage.

They Block All Light Coming In

When the blinds are closed, they will prevent any light from coming into the home. This means there are no UV rays coming into the home. Without the UV rays coming in, you don’t have the UV damage. It really is as simple as that.

But don’t some blinds still allow some light in? There are certainly some that are light filtering, such as solar blinds in Doswell. These types of window treatments will block the UV rays but allow the actual light to shine through, so you still keep your furniture protected.

Redirect the UV Rays

Not all blinds will filter the light. There are some that you’ll need to keep completely closed to stop all light coming through and this can plunge a room in darkness. This is especially the case with venetian or vertical blinds. Instead of this, you’ll want to find a way to control the direction of the light.

With venetian and vertical blinds, you can change the direction that the light shines through. This takes light off certainly bits of furniture or off the walls. If you find that the light hits a particular spot all the time, consider turning the slats slightly to take the light off for a little while. You’ll be surprised by the amount of good this does.

Reflect the Light Off Blinds in Doswell

Depending on the color and material of the blinds, you can help to reflect the light back. This works well with solar shades, light-colored roller blinds, and even some venetian and vertical blinds. By reflecting the light back, you reflect the harmful UV rays back out of the room. They never reach your furniture to cause the damage.

This can work whether you have the blinds open or closed. However, you will need to think about the fitting of the blinds and direction of the slats. With solar blinds, you’ll need to make sure they’re closed completely.

Cellular blinds are also good for this. The fabric is the bit that’s useful for reflecting, as the cell design helps to reflect light and heat back the way it came. You’re not just protecting from UV damage, but you’re also keeping the heat more consistent in the home.

Your blinds in Doswell aren’t perfect. Some UV rays are going to get through. You’ll also need to think carefully about changing the direction of the slats to make sure you keep changing where the light hits. However, you will do more good than not having anything up against your windows.