3 Tips for the Best Blinds in King George in the New Year

The new year is often a time to start looking at redecorating. One of the easiest and cheapest parts of the home to give a makeup is the windows. You can quickly select a new set of shades or blinds in King George.

Need help making your selections. Here are three tips for getting the best blinds this new year – and they’ll work throughout the year.

Opt for Faux Wood Over Real Wood

While real wood blinds in King George look absolutely beautiful, they’re not the best value for your money. Faux wood is far more superior. It even has the look of real wood, so it feels like you’ve brought nature into your home. You can even get it painted in natural colors, giving the rustic appearance.

Faux wood is one of the most durable and cost-effective options for your window treatments. Whether you’re getting venetian blinds, vertical blinds, or even plantation shutters, you’ll want to seriously consider faux wood. It doesn’t warp with the heat or scratch and blemish. You’ll have beautiful blinds until the day it comes to changing them again – and that won’t be for another decade, at least.

Choose Classic, Bright Colors for Blinds in King George

Next up comes the coloring of your window treatments. It’s common to want to make a statement, but your window treatments aren’t necessarily the best place to do that. If you are going to make statements, consider roller shades, which are cheap and easy to replace. The statements also work best in somewhere like the kids’ bedrooms, where they want to show off their personality and favorite cartoon characters.

When it comes to blinds, simple is best. Opt for classic colors that will stand the test of time. Neutral, bright colors are among the best. While white may seem boring, it’s the most versatile color for your windows. You’ll be able to build on them with other parts of your décor.

If you’re going for a wooden look, opt for blinds in King George with a lighter wooden color, especially for smaller rooms. The lighter colors help to reflect more natural light to make rooms look larger.

Venetian, Persian, Vertical Are the Way to Go

Look out for blinds that have slats that you can change the look of. Whether you opt for venetian or Persian, or even for vertical blinds, you have something that offers a range of benefits. You can redirect the light, helping to reduce the amount of UV damage to various parts of your home.

Most importantly, the slats will offer you more privacy in your home. While you can see out, it’s much harder for anyone to see into the home. Plus, you can redirect the view so it’s only possible for them to see where you want them to. And you can completely close the blinds on a night to create full privacy.

When choosing new blinds in King George this new year, consider what you want to gain from them. You likely want something that will last decades, which is where the top three tips will immediately help.