Will Vertical Blinds in Renton Block the UV Rays Fully?

As the warmer weather arrives, you’ll want to manage the UV rays coming into the home. Not only is the glare distracting and uncomfortable, but it’s also the reason for the rising temperatures in your home. Vertical blinds in Renton are often highlighted as a great way to block the UV rays, but do they actually work?

You’ll want to make sure you don’t lose all the natural light during the day. However, there are times that a blackout effect will work. What are your options when you have vertical blinds to block UV rays?

Redirect the UV Rays with a Twist of the Slats

The benefit of vertical blinds in Renton is that you can twist the slats as little or as much as you want. This is the way to manage the light that is coming into the room, offering full blackout effects when you need it but allowing some of the light in when you want.

As you twist the slats, you block some of the direct rays coming into your home. However, you’re not blocking them entirely. You’re redirecting them, and this can mean to specific parts of the house. If you twist the slats enough only one way, you’re going to see some UV damage to those specific parts of the house more than anywhere else as the UV rays are always shining on those parts.

This will also mean that you still end up with some of the heat problems with UV rays. The rays are still getting into the house, but not as much as they would without the vertical blinds in Renton. So, there are some benefits, but not the full benefits that something like solar shades could offer.

Block All the Light When You Need To

There are times that you won’t need any natural light coming into your home during the day. Maybe you sleep during the day and work nights, or maybe you’re just not in the house. If nobody is in, why do you need any light? You can opt to close the blinds and gain the cooling benefits until you’re home.

You can twist the slats of your vertical blinds in Renton completely closed. This blocks all the UV rays coming in, preventing those rays from hitting the glass and causing temperatures to rise in the home.

Allow All the Light in When You Want

Then there are times that you want the UV rays to get into the home. This is usually on those colder days, where you want to take advantage of the UV rays naturally warming up the space. You can use your vertical blinds to help with this.

Open the slats or open the blinds completely. This allows the rays to hit the glass and shine straight into the home. If you open the blinds completely, you do lose all the privacy benefits, but you get a lot of natural light!

When it comes to managing the UV rays, vertical blinds in Renton are among the best options. While not perfect, they will offer ways to block those rays and allow them in when you need them.

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