Why You Should Consider Fabric Vertical Blinds in Renton

You’re looking at adding something new to your windows. Vertical blinds in Renton are beautiful and practical additions, popular for large windows and sliding windows or doors.

There are different materials to choose from when it comes to vertical blinds. A lot of people will look into getting vinyl or faux wood options, but you may want to consider fabric vertical blinds. Here’s why they’re still popular for the home.

You Can Add Any Color to Your Home with Fabric

We start with the color. Fabric comes with the benefit of offering different colors and prints. You can even get them customized with a piece of artwork if you really wanted to. When you want to add personality to your home, fabric vertical blinds in Renton are the quickest way to do it.

You just need to make sure your blinds work with the rest of your décor. A lot of people choose neutral tones so they can change the décor around the house. But what if you want to build up from the window coverings? This is certainly an option.

There’s No Noise from Fabric Vertical Blinds in Renton

Vinyl blinds offer some great benefits, but they offer one major downside. It’s all about the noise.

When your windows are open, the wind can blow. This moves the blinds, even when they’re opened fully to keep them out of the way of the windows. Vinyl, metal, and even wood blinds will all clang, and the noise can be off-putting.

Fabric blinds are soft. They won’t make that same clanging noise. In most cases, they make absolutely no noise at all.

They’re Extremely Easy to Clean on a Regular Basis

You know you need to maintain your window coverings. It doesn’t matter what type of blinds you get or even the type of material. Your window treatments need to be taken care of.

Fabric vertical blinds in Renton are among the easiest to clean. You’ll want to vacuum them regularly to make sure there’s no dust buildup. This can be done every couple of weeks or every month depending on whether you have pets and children.

Then every now and then, you’ll want to wash the blinds. The majority of fabric blinds can be put through the washing machine. You’ll just need to double-check if they can go through the tumble dryer as well, but some will need to be air-dried.

You Can Manage the Light a Little Differently to Other Materials

Fabric vertical blinds in Renton have the benefit of managing light differently to the other materials. Vinyl and wood will block all light when the slats are completely closed. This can be beneficial if you like a blackout effect, but what if you just want to darken the room? Fabric blinds won’t create a full blackout unless you get specific fabric for that.

You can get sheer drapes that will filter the light instead of darkening the room. These are great for the summer. You’ll keep natural light with full privacy.

Think carefully about the types of materials you choose for vertical blinds in Renton. Fabric may be more beneficial than you’ve ever given it credit for.

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