Why Consider Neutral Colors for Your Roman Shades in Kent

Roman shades in Kent are beautiful additions. One of the great benefits is that you can choose various colors and prints. The fabric material makes it easy to work with any style you have.

While you can pick any color you want, it may be worth sticking to one neutral color. White shades are popular, but you can also choose cream, brown, or another neutral tone. The aim is to make your shades work with any décor you have.

Why would you want to do that? Here are four reasons to consider neutral colors for your shades.

You Don’t Have Skittles Windows from the Outside

The first thing to think about is how your windows will look from the outside. This may not bother you too much, but it bothers some. The term “Skittles windows” comes from the way that your window treatments make your windows look like a bag of Skittles. The multiple colors from your various roman shades in Kent can be overwhelming.

Your HOA may even have a rule that all windows need to have the same color window treatment. Or you may have your real estate agent suggest it now that it’s coming to sell. It’s all about curb appeal.

It’s Easier to Update Décor with Neutral Roman Shades in Kent

Neutral tones are easier to work with any décor you choose. Want a minimalist style? White is great. Prefer to add your own personality through the throws and rugs? Neutral tones will match well. Like to change up the décor by the season? Neutral colors prevent the need to keep changing your window coverings or clashing.

When you get a set of roman shades, you don’t want to keep taking them down and putting new ones up for new décor needs. Stick to neutral and you can just change the rest of the room around them.

You Can Work Color in with Another Window Covering

If you really want to add another color around the windows, you can do it with something cheaper and less finicky than roman shades in Kent. Drapes and curtains are the easiest when it comes to changing colors by the season or every few years.

You get extra benefits with the dual layers. However, it’s going to depend on the budget and just how often you like to change things.

It’s Easier to Keep the Space Bright and Open

White and cream roman shades in Kent offer the benefit of opening the space. The light shines through the material in many cases. Even if it doesn’t, the light bounces off the colors and reflects around the room.

You’ll find your room looks larger than it really is. You’ll be happier spending time in the space, making your home more inviting for all. This is easier with light neutral colors than the darker options.

It’s time to upgrade your window coverings. Roman shades in Kent look amazing, but you need to pick color and style. Work with neutral tones, and you can’t go wrong in the future.

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