Top Moisture-Resistant Window Treatments in Kent for the Bathroom and Kitchen

When it comes to managing the window treatments in the bathroom and kitchen, you are a little limited. You need something that will manage the moisture levels from these rooms. Just what are the best moisture-resistant window treatments in Kent?

While looking at the best options to avoid moisture, you also want to find something that suits your needs. If you rent, you’ll have different long-term needs to those who own and vice versa. Here are the top moisture-resistant window coverings to consider.

Go Permanent with a Set of Shutters

If you own your home, you’ll want to think about the long term. This isn’t just about the financial benefits you gain over those years, but the value of your house at the end of it. Permanent window treatments in Kent are a must.

Whether it’s plantation or barn shutters, you’ll gain a range of heating, lighting, and privacy benefits. You certainly gain moisture-resistant benefits as the majority of shutters come in faux wood, knowing that it’s the best long-term material. They look beautiful for all rooms in the home.

Opt for Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

When you rent, you don’t want something permanent. But you may still want something that looks great and offers a range of benefits. This is when venetian blinds come in use. When you get them, consider faux wood window treatments in Kent.

Faux wood is designed to last. It’s also designed with a protective layer that doesn’t let the moisture in. The wood composite won’t be destroyed or warp, so you have flush-sitting blinds the whole time.

You’ll Want to Consider Aluminum Window Treatments in Kent

If you can’t afford faux wood or you don’t mind only having blinds that last five to 10 years, then you’ll want to choose metal treatments. Aluminum is the best type of metal when it comes to moisture resistance.

The aluminum treatments are made to avoid rusting. You’ll need to wipe clean now and then, but this isn’t a lot of work. The only downside can be noise, so if you have windows open regularly, you may find them distracting.

Choose Polyester If You Need Fabric

Know that you want different color choices? Then you’re going to want to consider fabric window treatments in Kent. The downside of fabric is that it’s not the most moisture resistant treatment out there. You’ll need to take good care of it to avoid long-term damage.

Polyester is the best fabric for this need. I know you’ll hear that synthetic fabric is bad, but when it comes to moisture resistance, it’s perfect. You can spot clean your blinds with ease and the moisture evaporates rather than holds into the material. You can also get some made to be water resistant and not just moisture resistant!

It’s time to think carefully about your window treatments in Kent, especially when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom. You don’t just have to stick to the plastic options that don’t always look great. There are some beautiful moisture-resistant options for the home.