How to Make Drapery in Kent a Fashion Statement in the Home

Drapes look beautiful, and they offer a range of practical benefits at the same time. It’s no wonder a lot of people choose to work with drapery in Kent in their home.

You want to make your drapes stand out. It’s important to you that they become a fashion statement in your home. Here are four top tips to make that possible.

Opt for Stylish Net Drapes for Decorative-Only Purposes

Start with the drapery in Kent that don’t offer many practical benefits at all. These tend to be the net curtains, or you can get other similar materials. They may offer a little bit of privacy, but you don’t get the lighting and temperature benefits that other drapes offer.

The idea is that your drapes catch the eye of people. You’ll need to make sure they are hanging in windows where you don’t need to gain too many benefits. They look beautiful for something like a porch window or a small door window.

Choose a Print for Drapery in Kent that Stands Out

Look into the colors and prints for your drapes. Search for something that is going to stand out, making the drapes the focal point in the room. You can then build the décor up for the rest of the room from this base.

Pick a print that works for your style and preferences. Love looking at sunflowers? Go with them! Want something that is a little darker or more muted? There are going to be options that work for you. And you don’t need to work with a print. You can work with bold colors instead, picking something that makes you smile.

Add the Drapes to Your Walls Instead of Windows

Who says that drapery in Kent need to hang over the windows? There are many other ways to use drapes in your home, and this is how you can quickly turn them into a fashion statement for your space.

You want something that is going to hang up on the walls. They become more like tapestries than window coverings, so you can work with all types of prints and styles. There’s never a need to worry about whether they offer practical benefits for the windows. You can then work with neutral window coverings over the windows to allow the drapes on the walls to stand out.

Think About the Hardware for Your Drapes

One thing that many people forget about is the hardware. You need to get a rod for your drapery in Kent. Whether it’s a tension rod or one that screws into the wall is going to depend on the type of drapes you buy.

Consider hardware that is going to catch the attention of people in the room. The hardware becomes part of the fashion statement with the drapes, but you’ll need items that complement each other for this to work.

You can use drapery in Kent as a way to make a fashion statement in the home. They can still offer some practical benefits at the same time!

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