Do Levolor Blinds in Renton Work with Alexa?

You’re looking into motorized window coverings, and that’s led to you finding Levolor blinds in Renton. Motorized window coverings are excellent options for the home, but you have one important question for your tech-filled house. Will these blinds work with Amazon Alexa?

Not all motorized blinds will work with the voice-activated devices at home. However, there are some Levolor options that will. You need a certain addition to your blinds to make it possible.

Get the Wevolor Addition for Your Levolor Blinds in Renton

Something to look into is the Wevolor addition. This makes your blinds connect to the Wi-Fi, allowing you to control your blinds in any way that you want. You can control everything via the remote that your motorized blinds came with, or you can connect via the internet options.

Wevolor is a code that recognizes the “If-this-then-that (IFTTT)” commands. You can control everything through your words, whether you run an Amazon Echo or a Google Home device, making it possible to control everything through Alexa if you want. You just tell Alexa to “open the blinds,” and the job is done for you.

You can even set up timers on your window coverings. This is a great way to make your home automatic so you can just enjoy the peace and comfort in your home.

Wevolor Is Not a Big Expense to Update Your Blinds

The good news is you don’’ have to spend a fortune on upgrading your window coverings. Wevolor is such a popular and small addition that it doesn’t cost too much. The exact cost is going to depend on the type of Levolor blinds in Renton you have, and just how many of the blinds are around your house.

Of course, there is still a small expense. This is going to be an investment into your home. If you’re renting, you may not want to bother with the additions and wait until you buy a property. If you buy, you’ll want to consider the ways you’ll save money in the long term by getting this small addition

You Do Need Certain Levolor Blinds and Additions to Make This Work

You can’t just add Wevolor to any blind or shade. You need Levolor blinds in Renton, and you will also need specific items to be able to control everything.

The most important additions I the Premium 6-Channel Remote. This is a Bluetooth device that will control your window coverings from a distance. If you only have the 3-Channel remote, it’s not going to work.

It’s also important to note that this is not endorsed by Levolor. You can’t go back to the brand to get a fix. You’ll need to go back to the company you got Wevolor from.

There are ways to make your Levolor blinds in Renton connect to the voice devices that are around your home. If you are buying new blinds outright, you’ll want to look at the ones that are specifically designed for this. Wevolor is a good option if you want to upgrade existing blinds and test out the system.

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