Can You Get Interior and Exterior Window Treatments in Burien at the Same Time?

In the majority of cases, you’re going to consider interior window treatments in Burien. Whether they’re permanent or temporary, it’s up to you, but you’re likely to have them. What about if you have exterior window treatments? Can you do them both?

There’s nothing wrong with having both interior and exterior window treatments to the home. Here’s why you’ll benefit from them working together.

Exterior Treatments Offer Protection from the Stormy Weather

One of the main reasons you’re going to get external window treatments in Burien is for the protection against the storms outside. There are all sorts of storms throughout the year, and they all run the risk of damaging your windows. If something goes through your windows and breaks the glass, you end up with flooding and other damage.

The best thing to do is prevent all that. You need external shutters or something similar. The coverings become a barrier against your window, protecting them from damage in the storms.

You’ll Feel Safer and More Comfortable with Exterior Coverings

While having protection against the storms, you also have physical protection against would-be burglars. Exterior window treatments in Burien will offer a barrier that people have to break through to get into your home. They’re unlikely to do that.

You’ll feel safer in your home. You know there’s less chance of someone invading your privacy, making you feel happier in your home.

Of course, you need to use your window coverings for this benefit. In some cases, they’re left open in the good weather because they can be hassle. You don’t gain the comfort or safety benefits.

Interior Window Treatments in Burien Are More Practical to Use

As mentioned, exterior window coverings aren’t all that practical. If you want something that blocks the light, manages the heat, and even offers great privacy, you’ll want to choose interior shutters. You’re more likely to use them on a daily basis to make the most of them.

While you use the interior treatments on a daily basis, you can still have the exterior coverings for the stormy weather. There’s no need to feel like you’re wasting money on those outside options. You just have them for one specific reason instead of gaining everything you can from them.

You’ll Get More Lighting Control With Interior Window Coverings

Finally, it’s all about the lighting control. Exterior window treatments in Burien are excellent for blocking all the light. This is great when it comes to protection from the stormy weather outside, but what about when you want to manage the light throughout the day?

Interior window treatments are much easier to allow some light in but reduce the glare. They can filter the light or darken a room, but not completely black out the room. When you use both window treatments together, you get that blackout effect you may want.

It’s time to gain the best of both worlds. You can get both exterior and interior window treatments in Burien and use them together, offering everything you could possibly need for your home.