Can You Get Cordless Vertical Blinds in Renton?

When you get new window coverings, you want to make sure they’re safe for the whole family. That means looking at getting cordless options. Vertical blinds in Renton may be your only option when it comes to the style of your windows, but can you get them cordless?

There is a downside to vertical blinds. You need a cord to pull them on and off, right? You need something to twist the slats. Does this mean them dangerous options for your home?

You Will Need Cords for Vertical Blinds in Renton

The simple truth is that cords are necessary for the blinds. You do need something that is going to pull the blinds back and forth to open and close them. Then you do need something that will help you twist the slats. This means cords are necessary.

With this in mind, it can seem like vertical blinds aren’t all that safe for the whole family after all. However, it’s worth looking at how the cords are made. When it comes to slat blinds, vertical blind cords are actually among the safest options available.

The Cords Will Have a Plastic Covering

With most vertical blinds in Renton, you’ll see that the cords are all wrapped in a plastic covering. This cord is usually kept relatively high up so it stays out of the way of little hands, but even if children do reach, the cover will protect from damage.

The plastic covering is something you can hold onto and pull. It drags the slats across the window when you want to open and close them.

When you want to use the slats to twist them, you simply turn the covering. The cords are all wrapped inside, and they will work just like normal as you twist the cover in a circle.

You Can Get Motorized Options for the Home

If you want to get rid of all cords completely, you’ll want to look at motorizing your window coverings. You can get motorized vertical blinds in Renton, and they are beautiful additions for the home. While some may still have a cord with cover just in case the motor stops working, most of them are completely cord free.

You work the system with the remote or with the app on your phone. The exact way is going to depend on the type of motorized blind you choose to get in the end. Everything is done without going near the blinds.

Motorized blinds can offer a wide range of extra benefits. You get to be able to use the window treatments when you’re not even in the same room, or even when you’re not at home at all. There are some that you can control via a voice device, which makes managing your home so much easier. All the while, you’re safer without the cords.

Vertical blinds in Renton do come with cords, but they remain one of the safest options for the whole family. It’s all about how the cords are covered, and you can always motorize if you want.

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