Refresh Your Home for Spring Time!

Spring is coming and we are very excited!  Our homes are starting to feel stuffy after not being able to open the windows and let in the fresh air all winter.  To help freshen up your home, try adding splashes of color in your décor.  You can add that color with your window coverings.  Or, you can keep your window coverings neutral and take advantage of other ways to incorporate color.  Take advantage of the small ways you can incorporate color instead.  We have made a list of five inspirational ideas for you.  

-Fresh flowers bring pops of color and a touch of nature into your home 

-Seasonal blankets can make all the difference by adding color and helping your house feel like a home 

-Throw pillows are a great décor option that soften the feel of a room 

-Rugs can help set the tone of a room while adding color and helping protect floors 

-Updating pictures in your home can help freshen up the space while keeping your favorite memories on display 

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