You’re Buying a Home. Are the Window Solutions Included?

Do blinds and other window treatments fall under the personal property category?  This becomes all too relevant if you are purchasing or selling a home.  Stay tuned and let’s delve into this topic, from both the seller’s and the buyer’s perspectives. 

The first thing to analyze is if blinds or window treatments are looked at as a fixture.  Although the laws vary from state to state, a solid rule of thumb is that if something is permanently affixed to the house with glue, nails, pipes, cement or screws, it is part of the home and “conveys” or is transferred with the property from one party to another with the sale.  In this category fall window solutions like interior shutters, blinds and shades since to install them, they need to be screwed into the window frame.  Generally, the exception to this is a window solution specifically mentioned in the seller property disclosure that it does not come with the home. 

Curtains and curtain rods aren’t as black and white as blinds so if you have an interest in the ones that are in a home, your best bet is to ask specifically about them.  Usually, curtain rods are looked at as fixtures since they are affixed to the wall but curtains?  Since they can be removed from the curtain rods, curtains are usually considered personal property.  The misconception is that, since custom drapes were created for those windows and the room, that they will sell with the house but that isn’t always the case. 

Whether you are the buyer or the seller, it is important to communication all interests in writing.  You’ll never regret including the fine details as part of your contract to avoid any issues while working through the negotiation process. 

What should you do if you are the seller of the home?  If you love your window treatments and are planning on taking them with you when you move, that’s not an issue.  The best plan is to take them down.  You could even replace them with a cheaper version of the window treatments before your home is listed for sale.  This isn’t always possible so if you’re planning on taking the window solutions with you, let your realtor know so it can be explicitly spelled out in your seller disclosure and all in any marketing material that your realtor creates.  

If there is already an offer or interest in your home and you realize that you haven’t mentioned the window treatments to your realtor, it is time for a discussion with the prospective buyer and your realtor.  Make sure whatever you negotiate is included in your contract. 

If you are a buyer and you fall in love with a home, take note of the window treatments.  In the case of window solutions like curtains, think about your furnishings.  If they will match your style and décor, then ask your realtor to talk to the seller about the possibility of including them in with your purchase.  If the seller says yes, have the contract updated but always bring up this point early so it doesn’t become a sticking point further down the line. 

The most important thing is finding window solutions that suit your new home as well as your personal style.  Budget Blinds of Greenwich loves to collaborate to find the best options that will delight you and create a sanctuary in your home.  We’ll bring the showroom to you, measure it precisely and install it professionally.

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