Window Treatment Trends for 2022

Whether you are navigating working from home, welcoming a new addition to the family, purchasing a new place, or adjusting to empty nester status, the home has become even more of a sanctuary in our lives.  With all of these life changes, you might be considering a refresh to perk up your favorite rooms.  Let’s look at the hot trends for window solutions so you can elevate your home and love your space. 

A popular trend is toward eco-friendly window treatments.  Crafted by 100% organic materials, Woven Woods are made of natural woods, jute, rattan, and grasses.  They’re perfect to give your space an artisanal feel and can be made into options like Roman Shades or Sliding Panels.  The colors are lush and gorgeous, ranging from vibrant greens, blues, and reds to soft neutral whites, grays, and creams.  They can complement rooms that have predominantly white or neutral furniture as well as darker tones with bold colors or dark wood flooring.  For bedrooms, Woven Woods can be paired with a blackout liner to shut out the early morning sun’s rays. 

If you’re updating your kitchen, think about Composite Shutters.  They’re made of durable material with a polypropylene finish, ensuring that they can stand up to a climate filled with moisture.  Kitchens are notoriously a humid environment and to avoid using window treatments that crack, fade or discolor, Composite Shutters are a fantastic choice and are maintenance-free, giving you years of hassle-free enjoyment. The iconic look and affordability of this option make it one to keep in mind for 2022. 

Always stick with neutrals but want to go bolder in your window treatments?  Give a pop of color and replace those older white or off-white window solutions with some bright colors.  One way is with Aluminum Blinds. They’re available in a number of colors and can be customized for any size of windows. We even have metallic, solid, and perforated styles to complement your home. Plus, they are sturdy. They’re resistant to dents and kinks so you’ll enjoy your blinds for years to come. 

Neutrals are still in style, but in 2022, we’re seeing warmer colors taking over for stark silvers or grays.  We love buttery creams, warm beiges, and cool-off whites.  Cellular Shades are a perfect example of window treatments available in warm tones that are functional and stylish.  They help to control the amount of light that floats into your home as well as conserve energy thanks to their honeycomb design.  Plus, they give you privacy, especially with our top-down/ bottom-up shades.   Since they are cordless, they are a wonderful option for homes with young children or pets. 

Want to explore your options?  We make the process simple. Call (203) 580-3362 today to schedule a free consultation with Budget Blinds of Greenwich.  From start to finish, we’ll guide you through the process, of bringing the showroom to your home.  By seeing your unique space, we can show you the best options for any room, then measure with precision and professionally install so you’ll enjoy both the process and the final results.  Let us help make 2022 a year of beautiful change. 

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