Window Solutions to be Thankful For

This is the time of year to count our blessings and reflect upon the amazing things that we are grateful for. The holidays are coming and we’re lucky to be able to spend time with family and friends. Our home is a warm place to gather, make memories and share wonderful times with loved ones.  In creating a sanctuary to call home, there are some window solutions that we are thankful for. 

We’re grateful for eco-friendly window solutions.  We are so proud to do our part to preserve our natural resources in stylish ways with innovative products.  The benefits of these products span from the environmentally friendly to the functionally perfect in so many ways.  Want to lower your heating and cooling bills?  Maintain comfortable temperatures in every season with wood blinds since they are a fantastic natural insulator.  Honeycomb- structured cells in cellular shades are also an incredible insulator.  And our woven natural shades crafted from kenaf, hemp and flax are 100% organic and completely recyclable.   Budget Blinds even uses 100% recyclable packaging when we ship our products, doing our part to help the planet. 

We’re thankful to offer Smart Home Automation options to our customers.  Whether you start out with a single window and build on or want to outfit your entire home to start, Lutron automated shading systems are amazing.  The flexibility to add on windows or rooms to your system is thanks to Lutron’s design for modular expandability.  You’ll love the flexibility that smart home automation makes in your day to day life, giving you the time to focus on your loved ones.  From smart shades, thermostats and lights, we can seamlessly integrate them with your favorite home devices that utilize Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, Sonos and more.  Imagine programming your shades and blinds to automatically open and close on a timer, giving you added privacy and saving money on your energy bills.  Plus, automated and cordless smart shades and blinds are safe for homes with pets and small children. 

Moisture-resistant window coverings are another innovation that we love.  Having stylish options that work well in rooms with high humidity like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms makes our day to day lives better.  These front-line moisture blockers are part iconic style, part functional brilliance and all performance.  Faux wood blinds mimic the warmth and tone of real wood for a rich, refined look.  Composite shutters are available in a plethora of colors.   With so many shutter frame styles, it is easy to achieve a custom-built look in your home without worrying about replacing solutions that moisture destroyed through cracking. 

Let us make you thankful for your window solutions. We can help you discover options that will delight and surprise you. We’ll bring the showroom right to your home, where we can get a good sense of your personal style.  We’ll measure with precision and install professionally so you can enjoy your window solutions for years to come. We make the process easy. Call (203) 580-3362 to schedule your free consultation. 

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