Which Is Best For A Child’s Room: Roller Or Honeycomb Shades? In Greenwich

As a baby outgrows their nursery, the excitement of transforming their room to reflect their ever-changing personality and accommodate these new stages of development as they morph from toddlers into teenagers is a fun one for parents and kids alike.  Style is important as is functionality when it comes to making sure that every element that goes into the room is spot on. Safety is always a top priority, so let’s explore the differences between Honeycomb Shades and Roller Shades, two popular options for this special room. 

Both Honeycomb Shades and Roller Shades are ideal as you consider window solutions for your child’s room as they are both light and cordless.  Since dangling cords can pose a danger for younger kids, many families have decided to explore new, modern window solutions like these to replace older, heavier ones.  

How are they similar?  Both Roller Shades and Cellular Shades are popular since they have amazing functionality and great style.  You can select the light-filtering option that works best for you with either design, ranging from blackout to sheer. Another huge benefit is that each window treatment insulates the room they are hanging in, which will cut down on drafts during the cold months and prevent air conditioning from escaping during the summer. Think of the money you can potentially save in your heating and cooling costs because they are so energy efficient! And don’t forget, Blackout Liners can be added to ensure a good night’s rest! 

Let’s deep dive into the differences between these two options.  First up is Honeycomb Shades.  Also known as Cellular Shades, they are made up of cells in a honeycomb structure, giving it a unique design and additional properties of privacy and insulation. Particularly easy to operate as they are lightweight, the cordless version is ideal for rooms where kids spend time.  Due to the cellular structure, this multilayered window treatment has the ability to trap air, which makes it extremely energy efficient. Honeycomb Shades are an amazing choice for unique windows like angled, arches, hexagons and much more as they can be customized.  Since privacy is essential in a child’s room, the dual top-down/ bottom-up design offers maximum versatility, giving you ultimate privacy and lighting control.   

Roller Shades are the ultimate in ease and simplicity.  Essentially,  one piece of fabric that is pulled down to give a room privacy and style, Roller Shades are an excellent option for a child’s bedroom. Though they don’t offer as much insulation as Honeycomb Shades, it is possible to find so much room for customization.  Budget Blinds of Greenwich carries over 100 different styles of openness factors ranging from 1% to 25%, providing just the right amount of UV protection as well as 240 decorative fabric options from classic to contemporary, in inspiring colors and patterns to fit the decor of any room. Automation is great to help with windows that are hard to reach and can be integrated into your smart home devices. 

We can help you find the perfect choice for your child’s room, whether they are 5 or 15 years old!  Call Budget Blinds of Greenwich at (203) 397-6906 to arrange your free consultation.  We’ll bring the showroom directly to your home. Let’s explore Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades and more options to make your child’s room reflect their joy and personality. 

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