What You Need to Know About Motorized Window Solutions

Your smart home adds so much to your life.  You can adjust your thermostat on the way home from work on your phone, making sure that the temperature is comfortable when you arrive.  It is simple to make adjustments to your lighting and entertainment systems, prompting your sound system to play the music that you want to hear on demand.  Shouldn’t your window solutions be smart, too? With ways to integrate your blinds and shades into your smart home setup, you’ll experience increased privacy, energy efficiency, and incredible convenience that will work with a number of operating systems like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Nest, and others. Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider motorizing your window solutions. 

If you have an unusual or oversized window or one that is difficult to reach, you may think that your options are limited. Not true! Motorized solutions are available to fit any size or style of window, even unique shapes.  Motorization can be adjusted to fit any window. Being able to open and close blinds or shades for a window that is hard to reach will make your life easier.  Motorization is perfect for skylight coverings, too! 

Save money on energy bills with motorized solutions.  Automation will lower the shades during the sunniest times of the day to reduce solar heat gain, enabling your air conditioner to cool your home efficiently.  Need more natural light?  Open the shades to add additional light so you can turn off house lights and save on electric costs.  It is simple to program your motorized window treatments to open or close based on the intensity of the sun or the time of day. 

Aesthetically, the lines of automated window treatments are sleek and modern.  That’s because there are no pull cords to look messy or unfinished.  You can program these solutions to even raise to the same height, keeping uniformity across your windows.  

If you share your home with small children or pets, having cordless window treatments is safer for everyone, eliminating the risk of dangling cord accidents that can occur when manual controls are involved.  The incredible convenience of motorization is helpful when a sleeping baby has you pinned or a cat resting in your lap prevents you from getting up to adjust them by hand. 

Privacy is a major perk but automated window treatments can also keep your home safe.  When window solutions move throughout the day, it gives the appearance that someone is at home even if you are at work or are on vacation. This illusion is a security perk that can serve as a deterrent to burglars. 

If you’re enamored with your current window treatments and hate to give them up, don’t worry. We can retrofit motorization to fit those gems and modernize the technology to reflect your style.  

Want to learn more about motorization?  Call (203) 397-6906 to schedule your free consultation with Budget Blinds of Greenwich.  We would love to introduce you to this amazing possibility.  We’ll bring the showroom right to your home, sharing options with you in the actual rooms where they will be used.  From expert measurements to professional installation, we make the process simple.  

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