The Versatility of Single and Double Cell Honeycomb Shades

When you think of functional, stylish and affordability in window solutions, honeycomb shades should come to mind. Also called cellular shades, these gems have a lot to offer, including a large array of colors, advanced lift options and light filtering and room darkening fabrics.  But how do you know which is for you- single or double cellular shades? We can help you navigate the differences and select the right option for any room in your home. 

A popular option for a new homeowner as well as anyone looking to update and make a room cozy and stylish, honeycomb shades are an energy efficient choice that will be an affordable investment in your home.  They are the perfect option for unique shaped windows like skylights, angled windows, arches, and hexagons.  By opting for the dual top-down/ bottom-up cellular shades, you’ll enjoy maximum versatility in both privacy and light control.  

In the realm of energy efficiency, honeycomb shades can’t be beat.  Their unusual design, constructed of one or two layers of cells, are instrumental in keeping outside temperatures outside and inside temperatures inside. In the winter, these window solutions will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out, keeping your heating bills lower. During the summer, that delicious cold air will stay in to make your home comfortable.  

Let us explain the difference between the two choices in honeycomb shades. A single cellular shade is the more sought after option, as it is slightly more streamlined. It is an effective way to keep out more UV rays, light and unwanted changes in temperature rather than standard shades.  With only one row of the cells, they resemble a pleated shade if you’re looking at the window.  But if you peek along the profile, you’ll see the cellular structure that comprises this window solution.  If your aesthetic is more modern and sleek, the single honeycomb shade is the right one for you. 

Even more energy efficient than single cellular shades, double cellular shades are created to be functional as well as attractive, available in lots of colors to provide the right look for your decor.  Setting it apart from the single cellular shades, double cellular shades have an extra layer of cells, with one layer closer to the room and the other on the window side.  The pleats of double cellular shades are generally smaller than the pleats you would find in the single cell style.  This additional layer is ideal for eliminating light pollution, outdoor noise and protecting your furnishings, flooring and artwork from the damaging UV rays of the sun.  If you find yourself trying to combat factors like barking dogs, noisy street traffic or the motion lights of neighbors, double cellular shades will help make your day to day life better.  They also regulate hot and cold air from entering or leaving your home, maintaining comfortable temperatures in both the summer and winter, without breaking the bank in cooling and heating costs. 

It is possible to use both styles, focusing on using double cellular shades for the sides of your home that get the most direct sunlight while placing single cellular shades in the windows of the side of the house that receives the most shade.  We would love to show you how both styles may suit your home.  Call (203) 397-6906 for a free consultation and we’ll bring the showroom right to you! 

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