The Art of Selecting the Right Window Treatment

Whether you’re outfitting a new home with window solutions or your current space is in need of a refresh, there’s nothing more exciting than discovering your style and unleashing your inner designer.  When it comes to window solutions, don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles in your home.  Each room has different needs. We’ll tell you how to do it effectively and take the anxiety out of combining them so each room in your home can shine!

Just because you love café shutters for your kitchen doesn’t mean you have to utilize shutters for each and every room of your home.  Each space has its own functional requirements, including calls for privacy or needs for natural light. Always consider your color pallet and style when thinking of window treatments.  First, let’s explore each room to see which window treatments might work best:

The bathroom is a high humidity zone so composite wood blinds or shutters are perfect, since they won’t fade, peel or crack when exposed to sunlight or moisture.  They also provide ample privacy, which is key for this room, although roller shades are also a solid choice.

Kitchens also tend to be hot and humid, so faux wood blinds and shutters work well here.  Solar shades are a good pick for hard to reach windows, like those located over a sink, especially when you combine them with automated features so you won’t have to lean over to operate them.  Plus, solar shades give privacy while filtering in sunlight to make the most of natural light.

Living rooms often feature large, expansive windows, creating a unique challenge.  Consider the light that you would like to see in the room. Ornate drapes can provide drama that looks wonderful in the living room. Pair drapes with blinds or shades for gorgeous combinations that stand out and create ambiance.  Consider your furniture and the color of your walls when deciding between a bold pattern or a solid neutral in drapery panels.

Bedrooms are a natural place for blackout shades or window treatments that have blackout liners to ensure quality sleep and to block out noise.  When outfitting bedrooms for your kids, always keep safety and functionality in mind, opting for motorized or cordless coverings to prevent hazards due to dangling cords.

No matter which room you’re thinking of, always keep energy efficiency at the top of your priority list.  To stay comfortable and keep warm air in during the cold months and maintain cool air conditioning during the summer, it is essential to select window solutions that look good and are functional.  Since you are investing in these window treatments and want to enjoy them for many years to come, planning ahead now will save on your utility bills in the future.

One thing that is a given when selecting window solutions is to work with a talented, seasoned company with years of experience who can help you select the right treatments, measure precisely and install professionally. When you call Budget Blinds of Greenwich at (203) 580-3362, you’ll have a talented design team and professional installers working with you.  Call and schedule your free consultation today and we’ll bring the showroom to you.  With a warranty that is unsurpassed, we’ll make sure you love your window solutions!

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