Taking a Traditional Interior Design Approach to Window Treatments in Greenwich CT

According to most interior design experts, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interior design, but there are a few things everyone should keep in mind; tips and tricks that can bring homeowners the best results and the nicest feel. As is the case with any other interior design element, consistency in how you handle window treatments should also be subject to these same tips and tricks, these same principles.

The principles that should guide anyone with regard to their window treatments are almost universally understood. They are as follows:

Plan for life as it is, not how you'd like it.

According to most window design experts, planning is the key to everything.  When it comes to your window coverings, that means taking a close look at the potential of the room and the windows, including any functional deficiencies. It is necessary to look at the people who live in the home and what they need. Above all, their window treatments should fit the space they occupy and make the people who spend the most time in those spaces feel better.

For instance, depending on where you live, one of the key elements to deciding which window treatments will work best might be the weather where you are. If temperatures are either really hot in summer or extremely cold in winter, or perhaps a little of both like it sometimes can be in Greenwich CT, there may be a good rationale for layered window treatments, as a way to create significant insulation. The layered look also has the added advantage of enhancing a home's security and privacy.

You have to be prepared to create a vision.

Once you have called our expert design consultants in Greenwich CT and you now have a basic idea as to how you want your window treatments to function, you have to make a series of decisions. Once the designers have an idea of how the window treatments should function, they will attempt to combine those factors with the client’s desired aesthetic and atmosphere. The purpose for that is to set up a concept for the windows.

One example of that is the woman who our expert design consultants decided would benefit the most from a window treatment regimen dominated by wood blinds. She decided this because most of her furniture was wood and most of the interior rooms were replete with wood trim. Our selection of wood blinds is very extensive, so our customers will be able to custom color-match to all of that wood trim and wood furnishings, so they were creating the perfect look, while also insulating the rooms from custom wood blinds. Slats in 1” and 2 ½” sizes allow a tailored, precise fit to any window, while offering complete privacy - in style. And because our wooden blinds are sourced from 100% North American hardwoods from certified and domestic forests, you know you’re doing your part in helping sustain our natural resources.

Think Carefully About the Quality of Materials and Construction

Face it; good quality materials have a better sound and leave the homeowner with a different feeling than when you use poor quality materials. Natural materials seem to be the best, according to Budget Blinds design experts. The designers at Budget Blinds in Greenwich CT often incorporate fabrics like wool, silk, and linen, and favor furniture with solid wood construction and or well-made antiques. It is important to remember that spending plenty of money on something does not necessarily mean that you’re purchasing quality materials for your windows.

It will be worth your while to evaluate whether something is made of an enduring material that will last for many years. Your window coverings don't have to be expensive, either; it is always possible to buy quality products at lower price points.

Mix and Match Various Elements for a Surprising Look

Design experts know that, when a designer mixes a variety of materials, shapes, forms and functions, they are enhancing the power of the room. While it may seem like a good idea to make everything uniform, like, in fact, isn’t uniform. Our design experts will emphasize the simplest idea possible. For instance, if the rest of the home is done in primary colors, window treatments in purple may offer some contrast, but perhaps not the kind you expect.

The reason so many of our clients choose wooden blinds is because there is a lot of diversity available. You can choose painted or stained blinds, or you can create a textured look and feel by choosing a rustic finish. And when wooden blinds are closed, they will block the sun's UV rays, which keeps the room warmer and reduces solar heat gain, while also blocking the cold air radiating from the window

Make a Point of Being Authentic

Never be afraid to personalize your window designs and make sure they are in line with the rest of the rooms where your window treatments reside. Every window design project should be personalized for the user. That means a lot more than simply matching their aesthetic tastes, it means making sure their window treatment selections quietly integrate everything that makes the clients home theirs.

One thing is certain; any type of interior design involves a delicate balance. Instead of creating a series of focal points, window treatments should be chosen to blend with the rest of the décor, rather than to create a distraction. 



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