Signs That it is Time to Update Your Window Solutions

Kicking off 2023 with a thorough deep cleaning of your home can feel like starting off the new year with a clean slate. This is also a perfect time to check your window solutions to see if it might be time to update them.  If you’ve had your window treatments for a long time, it is wise to check in on them to monitor their functionality. Review our checklist of signs that your window solutions might be ready to be retired to see if it is time to invest in new options. 


First check out the cords of your window treatments.  Are they frayed?  If so, it is definitely time to consider a replacement.  Whether the mechanisms inside are creating the scenario for the cord to become damaged or daily usage is starting to show wear and tear, the scene is set for the window solutions to react in an unstable way.  This is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. 


If the slats of your blinds don’t close tightly, it may be a sign of a faulty tilt mechanism, which can happen over time.  As your blinds may need to be re-corded, an involved process, it might be time to consider new window solutions. 


Have you noticed that the slats of your composite blinds have become bent or warped?  If you have furry friends sharing your home, you may find that they bend the sides of your closed blinds, trying to see the outside world.  This can also happen from heat damage in the case of faux wood blinds.  Real wood blinds can suffer the same misshapen slats when exposed to humidity.  As any of these scenarios will prevent your blinds from operating properly,  it is wise to ponder replacements. 


Perhaps when you purchased your window solutions with cords, there weren’t children in your household.  As cords can pose a danger to kids or pets, you may want to consider cordless options or motorized possibilities. Many window solutions can even be retrofitted to work with automation, so if you love your treatments but would prefer them without cords, this is a viable option. 


When you look at the slats of your blinds, do they appear discolored or yellowed?  The sun’s UV rays may cause some discoloration at times but the latest material will give you additional protection from sun fading.  Don’t let material deterioration cause a malfunction in your blinds.  It is time to look for new possibilities. 


If you notice fraying along the edges of your cellular shades, Roman shades, or solar shades, that could indicate that your shades are too wide for the opening of your window.  The fraying shows that they are scraping the side of the frame.  


Budget Blinds of Greenwich is here to help ensure that your window solutions are in proper working condition and to help you find new ones when they need replacing.  Call 203-580-3362 today to schedule your free consultation.  We’ll bring the showroom right to your home.  We are proud to make the process stress-free and have beautiful options for each and every budget.  

Photo courtesy of Enlightened Style. 


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