Shutters For The Win In Both Traditional And Modern Homes In Greenwich

If there is a universal Window Solution that conveys an iconic sense of stateliness, quality and will work with almost any design aesthetic or home design, it must be Shutters.  Not only are they available in so many hues, stains and styles, they are equally at home in traditional homes as they are in a modern abode.  Will they work in your home? Let us count the ways that Shutters are an amazing investment. 

Originally constructed in England and made of wooden boards, today’s shutters have come a long way.  Used to ventilate and show off the rooms that they existed in, these early versions were also used to protect the people inside from hot temperatures and bone-chilling winds alike.  They were revered for their sturdiness and durability and that hasn’t changed. In the design world, shutters have provided the finishing touches on every style of home including Victorian classics, modern beauties, rural homes and transitional types. 

In a traditional home, you’ll generally find different fabrics and textures in the accessories.  By adding Shutters to the design choice, it is easy to create a flow among rooms, which doesn’t take away from the home decor elements involved.  Minimalist designers are fans of Shutters since they are streamlined, have sharp lines and add lots of value to the home.  People who enjoy an industrial style with exposed brick and bright light fixtures are particularly enamored of the way that Shutters provide a sense of uniformity throughout a home. 

Wood Shutters can be customized to fit any unusual window shape and you’ll have a plethora of finishes and stains to match to your decor, furniture or flooring.  They are simple to operate and are an ideal option for homes with kids and pets since they are cordless and extremely safe. 

These timeless classics are a perfect possibility for any room, as they give you the option to control natural lighting with gorgeous style.  But did you know that Shutters can actually help keep your energy costs down this winter? It is true. The natural insulation properties of Wood Shutters can help keep the warm air inside your home and prevent the cold air from entering, resulting in lower energy bills.  In the summer, Shutters will do the same by keeping the cold air inside. 

We love that Shutters can enhance any space. Composite Shutters are made of materials that are ideal for high humidity zones of your home, including kitchens, laundry rooms and bathrooms.  Completely moisture resistant, this option is extremely functional and is maintenance free. They’ll never warp, yellow, crack or splinter when exposed to water or direct sunlight.  Composite Shutters are instrumental in blocking the dangerous and destructive UV rays of the sun from harming your furnishings, flooring, artwork and photos.  They are surprisingly affordable and can look just like wood.  

Let Budget Blinds of Greenwich show you how Shutters are an investment in your home and will work with any design style.  Call (203) 397-6906 today to arrange your free consultation and we will bring the showroom right to your doorstep.  


Photo courtesy of Enlightened Style


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