Selling Your Home? Stage It Like a Pro!

If you watch marathons of flipping or home renovation shows as we do, this was written with you in mind.  Whether you’re considering selling your home and need to stage it or if you’re just craving a change like the amazing transformations we see on our favorite television shows, we have some ideas for you to ponder!  

There are always things you wish you could change structurally about your home but adding on things like an extra bathroom or eliminating walls to achieve that open floor plan is alterations that require the expertise of a professional.  But it is easy to change up some of the outdated or shall we say, retro things that will increase the value of our home.  So let’s look at ways to stage your home for maximum profit or to make you fall in love with it again. 

Do you have shag carpet, linoleum, or that basic builder-grade carpet squares that are popular fixtures in high traffic CVS stores? 

Any of these styles will make you wish for updated flooring. Upgrading flooring is simple and more affordable than you think.  You may have dark stained wood flooring that was extremely in vogue in the 2000s but now it feels drab.  Think about vinyl plank flooring, which looks like real hardwood floors but is waterproof so it works well throughout your home including bathrooms and kitchens.  Greys and lighter wood stains pair well with many styles and color palettes. 

One of the easiest ways to make a change is to paint a room or create an accent wall.  There are five types of interior finishes to choose from including:

Flat/ Matte:  This is the least shiny and provides the most coverage. 

Eggshell:  Covers imperfections well. 

Satin:  The most common interior paint finish.

Semi-Gloss:  Shiny, reflective, durable, and moisture-resistant. 

High-Gloss:  Shiniest, most durable, and washable option. 

When picking a color, avoid fad colors and trendy looks that can go out of favor quickly.  Avoid bold or dark colors and instead think about neutrals in tones like off-white, grey, or soothing light blue.  Neutrals are great for making small spaces feel bigger and brighter.  To help potential buyer imagine their belongings in your space, you can’t beat white walls.  

Window treatments are a simple way to breathe new life into a room or home.  First, inspect your window solutions with a critical eye.  Do you have mini-blinds with missing slats?  Are your blinds cracking or yellowing?  These red flags will confirm that they need updating.  Make sure your windows are a focal feature by letting natural light flow through.  

You’ll never go wrong when you pick iconic styles like shutters or faux wood blinds.  Shutters will add resale value to your home as they are essential furniture for your windows.  Faux wood blinds are a go-to in many homes since they are always in style.  If your aesthetic is more modern, sheer shades and fabric roller shades are popular options.  Sheer shades provide a spectacular glow to a room. Thanks to their fabric slats that can be tilted, you’ll have ample control of the light that enters a room.  Fabric roller shades are affordable and give your space clean lines. 

We would love to bring the showroom to your home and help you find the best window solutions for your unique spaces. Call (203) 580-3362 today. 

Photo courtesy of Enlightened Style. 

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