Prep Your Guest Room for Holiday Visitors

The holidays are in sight! As you begin planning out the logistics and menus that will have family and friends gathered around your table for a festive meal, now is the perfect time to think about preparing your guest room to make your holiday visitors as comfortable and welcome as if they were in their own home.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo and start by purging your guest room of things that don’t belong in the space.  If you’re like most of us, your guest room becomes a catch-all for various things that need a place to go and may not find their way to their proper places in your home. Assess the room and grab the items that definitely don’t belong there first, relocating things like that extra set of dishes still in the box to the kitchen.   Get the big picture and visualize the results you’d like your guests to experience when they stay in this room.  This will help you focus as you declutter. 

Pay attention to clearing out the closet and drawers so your guests will have ample places to hang and store their clothing and toiletries. Remember, this is a bed room and home base for your guests, who won’t need extra yoga mats, board games and knick knacks. Less is more so use the KonMari Method for the space and view the room through the eyes of your loved ones who will be calling this space home for a few days.  

Pro tip:  Use two trash bags to expedite the process.  Use one for actual trash and the other for things that you can go through later.  This way you won’t get caught up in the sorting process while you’re trying to get through the room during the first pass.

How’s the lighting?  Remember, your guests don’t know your home as well as you do so they’ll need some light to navigate middle of the night trips to the bathroom or even to snuggle in bed with a good book before bed.  If there is a lamp on the nightstand or near the bed, check it at night and replace it with a brighter, eco-friendly bulb if it isn’t cutting it. If you need a new lamp, start looking for one that goes with the space.

Make sure you have two sets of fresh linens and towels for your guests, keeping the extra set in the guest room closet for their easy access. Even if the bed isn’t used often, consider having the mattress cleaned to ensure that it is ready for guests.

Create a sanctuary that encourages a restful night’s sleep by changing up your guest room’s window treatments. For example, you can combine gorgeous flowing bedroom drapery panels with honeycomb shades for an extra layer of insulation and comfortable temperatures for sleeping.  We love cellular shades for their unique ability to provide outstanding light control with top-down/ bottom-up options.  Roller shades are another fantastic option if you prefer a modern, sleek look that comes in sleep-friendly opacities.

We can help you make your guest room the perfect space for loved ones this holiday season. Call us at (203) 580-3362 to schedule a free, at-home consultation.

Photo Courtesy of Enlightened Style.

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