Let The Sunshine In: The Best Window Treatments For Sunny Spaces In Greenwich

Although the summer months are now in the rear view mirror, thanks to sunrooms and other spaces with lots of windows, it is possible to enjoy the warming rays of the sun all year long.  So instead of dreaming of tropical vacations, let’s explore the best window treatments for those coveted rooms. 

Nobody loves a sunspot in a room more than a puppy or kitten, soaking in the sunshine from a perfect spot.  But rooms that receive ample sunlight come with some challenges like glare and additional heat.  With the right window treatments, it is possible to create the perfect ambiance.  Especially if you live in a sunny climate with summer-like conditions year round, these tips can make your favorite rooms the most coveted spaces in your home. 

Cellular Shades are a popular option for a plethora of reasons.  Thanks to their honeycomb construction, they are able to trap air within their layers, creating the perfect buffer between your home and the outside world.  This prevents you from losing warm air in the winter and cool air during the summer.  These sleek gems are the right choice when you want maximum control over how much light enters your home.  Available in a dual top-down/ bottom-up version, Cellular Shades offer maximum versatility for privacy as well. We are proud to offer Cellular Shades with four lighting control options including sheer, light filtering, room darkening and blackout, perfect to enhance any space. 

Sunrooms are equally enhanced by Solar Shades, as they are perfect to showcase a gorgeous view but keep the heat out.  We love the varying levels of transparency, which gives you the chance to enjoy your view right through the shade.  Solar Shades are able to filter and diffuse natural sunlight while blocking out UVB sun rays and heat that can impact your flooring, artwork, furniture or photos.  This is the perfect solution for rooms that don’t require a high level or privacy but heat and light control is helpful.  Plus, they’re available in designer-inspired fabrics and colors that add balance and style to your rooms  

Roller Shades are a viable possibility as they offer a clean look like solar shades.  Modern and streamlined, these beauties are perfect for both residences and businesses.  We carry over 100 different styles with openness factors up to 25% to give you just the amount of UV protection required.  Roller Shades come in many fabric choices to fit in with any decor from classic to contemporary. Have hard to reach windows?  Automated Roller Shades are just the solution, giving you effortless remote control which can also be incorporated into your smart home devices. 

Budget Blinds of Greenwich can help create the sunroom of your dreams.  Call (203) 397-6906 to schedule a free consultation.  We make the process simple.  We’ll bring the showroom to your home or business and take you through options in the actual space where the window treatments will exist.  We measure with care and our professional installation always pleases.  Plus, our warranty can’t be beat! 

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