Layering Window Treatments to Express Your Style

Your unique style is showcased by every aspect of your home, from your choice in furnishings to art, bed linens to paint colors.  The finishing touch for a room is often window solutions. This is a perfect way to let your inner interior designer out and make a statement that reflects your own aesthetic. When it comes to layering window treatments, this can become the focal point of a favorite space but homeowners are often uncertain how to begin.  We’re here to help you cut through the confusion and embrace your creativity. Let’s explore some of our favorite designer looks that will have your guests saying “Wow!”


Contrast is key when considering layering window treatments.   Start by picking a base layer made of a hard, durable option like shutters, wood blinds or composite blinds or a softer feel like roller shades, honeycomb shades or roman shades.  If you’ve got a harder base layer, it will often be in a neutral paint color or a wood stain. Now, add on drapery in a print or bold pattern that ties in other colors in the room, like those in an accent wall, furniture print or rug.  By layering a solid and a print or a striking color, you’ve created contrast and visual appeal.  It is simple! 


Let’s deep dive into your sense of style. Do you swoon for an ethereal vibe?  One way to bring that feeling into a room is by taking softness and expanding on it.  When you layer soft window treatments, your result is airy and lively.  Again, think about incorporating a solid with a pattern in a complementary color when mixing and matching soft window solutions.  Want to be daring?  Use two prints but a rule of thumb to make sure it works is to select one large scale print and pair it with a more delicate print so they even out each other.  Looking to use this technique in a bedroom or guest room?  Consider pairing blackout drapes with a gorgeous sheer panel.  The sheers will allow soft light to filter into the room during the day while retaining some privacy. At night, blackout drapes will help eliminate light and noise pollution for a luxurious and restful sleep. 


Prefer a modern look? If keeping your energy costs low all year long is your style, let us introduce you to honeycomb shades and draperies. Honeycomb shades are constructed of cells which help insulate from outside temperatures as well as block drafts so they’ll keep the air conditioning in all summer and maintain a cozy environment all winter.  Modern in feel, they are a popular choice for homeowners. Adding drapery panels over honeycomb shades soften the look and give you a chance to add a print or bold color to the room.  


If you love a sleek look, think about putting rollers shades with curtains.  This is perfect to wrap up a favorite space, while letting the contents of the room take center stage.  If you want to take this combination up a notch, select each in a pattern but remember to pair a large scale option with a fine print for balance.


Budget Blinds of Greenwich will bring the showroom to you so you can see how layering window treatments will look in a room.  Simply call (203) 580-3362 to schedule your free consultation and let’s explore your options and let your style shine through! 


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