How to Update Your Home Office for Functionality, Style and Productivity

You may use your home office as a command post to run your business, to work remotely,  pay bills or write the great American novel.  Whatever the purpose is for this room, it should be set up to get things done.  Small or cavernous, flooded with natural light or dim, there are things you can do to design an office at home that will keep you inspired and productive. 

Colors impact your mood so if your home office is the same drab color that you’ve never really loved, invest in some paint, roll up your sleeves and start with a fresh color to revive this space.  If you’re craving a happy color, consider paint swatches in a bright yellow or upbeat teal.  Maybe a soothing color like pastel blue is more your style.  This is the perfect place to start your home office transformation. 

Next, let’s get organized.  Efficient use of space is key to an office that doesn’t feel cluttered, whether it is a nook in your home or an expansive room.  This calls for strategy, namely organizing both horizontally and vertically.  Vertical file folders on your desk will keep the essential  nearby while floating shelves will get equipment off your desk but close by.  Be creative and consider all your options. 

Being too cold or warm can be a distraction so regulate the temperature of your workspace.  Temperature affects productivity so don’t waste hours as well as money in energy costs by working in a space that is too hot or cold. Caulk your windows to prevent drafts and loss of energy.  The right window solutions can help reduce your energy bills and keep your home office comfortable. 

If you can’t see well, you aren’t working optimally, so take lighting seriously.  If you’re not a fan of the basic fluorescent lighting that most offices use, there are lots of options available.  The struggle of eye strain is real, as we spend so many hours per day in front of monitors and screens.  So make sure that you have ample light in the form of a good lamp and always take advantage of natural light. 

Speaking of natural light, selecting the right window solutions for your home office will help you work smarter.  We have options for any budget and every style.  Do you enjoy a modern aesthetic?  We love cellular or pleated shades to help fill the room with natural light in a soft, filtered way that also maintains your privacy.  If you thrive in an environment that is casual and fun, we have colorful drapery panels or office blinds that lend themselves to mixing and matching with the rest of the room’s decor. If your vibe is more relaxed and organic, you would love our artisan-inspired wood blinds.  All about tech?  For the ultimate in convenience and elevated smart home options, check out our automated operating systems.  

Budget Blinds of Greenwich is here to help you create a workspace that will help make the day fly by while you are your most productive.  Call (203) 397-6906 to schedule your free consultation.  We would love to bring options right to your home!

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