How Blinds Keep You Warm in the Winter

Fall has arrived, and even though the season is barely getting started, winter is just around the corner. These cold months bring us cozy fires, warm beverages and a variety of holidays, yet they also bring us something far less desirable: skyrocketing heat bills. But those bills don’t have to be so high.  

People purchase new blinds for a variety of reasons, but one of the many benefits is winter savings. Select the right window coverings, and you may save money during these long, cold months. But where should you start? Here are a few tips for recapturing lost energy this year.

Minimize cold airflow. A honeycomb-shaped design, which traps cold air and keeps it out, is popular for conserving energy. For additional savings, select cellular shades that have more layers.

Hang blinds close to the glass. Blinds that hang close to the glass create a barrier that stops cold air from coming inside. As a result, you will minimize cold drafts and energy loss.

Select dual layers of fabric. Some blinds are made with a light color on one side and a dark color on the other. During the winter months, face the dark color outward so the blinds absorb heat. Then face the white color out in the summer to reflect heat.

Hang drapes. In addition to installing an energy-efficient blind, hang drapes, which act as a blanket keeping warm air from escaping. When direct sunlight hits the window, keep the drapes open, allowing the warm rays to flow inside and warm the home. Once the sunlight is gone, close the drapes to keep cold air out.

Staying Warm, Saving Money

The right blinds can save you money over the long, cold months of winter. Taking additional steps – such as caulking windows and doors, and placing weather stripping around windows – will prevent additional air leakage and save valuable dollars.

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