Home Design Trends for 2021 in Greenwich

The champagne corks have been popped and the confetti has settled on the floor. Here we are in the magical year of 2021, ready for change. And with change comes the interior design trends that will be hot on every renovation list. Here are things that you might want to consider implementing into your home to spice up your favorite spaces:

*Pantone’s Pandemic Colors:  Yellow & Gray 

The Pantone Color Institute has changed gears this year by selecting two shades as their colors of the year 2021:  Ultimate Gray and Illuminating.  The past 10 years have brought us highly saturated, bright colors from Pantone.  This year is slightly different. The gray is a dependable, comforting shade and the lemony yellow is an uplifting shade full of hope. As many people have turned to purchasing paint during quarantine to change up the interior spaces, these colors seem appropriately soothing and inspiring. 

Pair with: Plantation shutters, which add a timeless statement to any space. Hardwood window shutters in a variety of colors would make an amazing accent to Ultimate Gray or Illuminating if you’re thinking of changing up your paint shades.  For high moisture areas, polymer faux wood shutters are an excellent choice. We love that the louvers on our Plantation shutters are available in different slat sizes so you can control light and visibility, letting in all of the natural light you need to make a room come alive. 

*Say Goodbye to Shiplap and Hello to Wallpaper

If you’ve watched HGTV in the past 10 years, you’re familiar with shiplap, the interior wall covering that once had a purpose as a way to waterproof boats.  Thanks to the oversaturation of it as a design tool, shiplap is slowly starting to fall out of favor and out of the plans of many designers this year.  

Don’t fear. The retro look and feel of wallpaper is back…but this time with a twist. Peel and stick wallpaper is here and it is hot.  This is a fast and inexpensive way to update your space, especially if you are renting your home.  Great for a quick way to make a dramatic statement, you can enjoy it, then peel it off when you’re tired of it.  

Pro tip:  if you’re hesitant to commit to using wallpaper over an entire room, you may want to use it as an accent. Cover one wall or add it above a chair rail in a dining room. 

Pair it with:  Graphic Shades add a dimension of fun, by using digitally printed shades that have outstanding clarity, detail and color reproduction.  Want to add some drama or a fun pattern using a shade? They come in a wide range of opacities for flexibility in controlling natural light. These are perfect to showcase your personality using images and patterns that you select, especially if you want a pattern without going the wallpaper route. 

*Global Influence

Both home design and fashion have been inspired by earthy color palettes and natural textures. This trend allows you to show your own style by thinking out of the box and using unique perspectives to celebrate the feel of an oasis using themes of safaris, nature and warm tones. 

Pair it with: Woven wood shades are an eco-friendly way to add rustic ambiance to your global-inspired space. Crafted from natural materials like jute, rattan reeds, natural woods and a combination of grasses, woven wood shades give an artisanal, craftsman-like vibe that are popular and enhances the natural beauty of your home. 

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