Energy-Efficient Window Treatments for Winter in Greenwich

Connecticut homeowners pay the fourth-highest monthly utility bills in the country.  A 2018 study from factored in electricity, natural gas, Internet, cable, and water as they considered each state as well as the national averages.  Connecticut’s average cost for utilities each month landed at $496.07 which was substantially more than the national average of $422.08.  Determining ways to cut energy costs is always beneficial so let’s get creative in finding ways that can cut your costs each month.  One simple and stylish way is to invest in energy-efficient window treatments.

Most of the options we have found not only cut down on heating costs in the winter but also block out heat in the summer which makes them a solid purchase for all seasons.  Let’s explore some of our favorites:

Drapery Panels:  An easy way to change up the look of a room is to check out our enormous selection of curtains and panel drapes.  Select from designer fabrics that will be the envy of your friends to calming neutrals that will complement any décor and trendy patterns that will make a statement. 

Panels are incredible insulators, helping to keep your spaces cozy by retaining warmth all winter long.  There’s no need to sacrifice comfort when you have panels in your bedroom, living room, or den. Pair them with fabric liners for room darkening brilliance, ideal for your bedroom, home theater, or screening room.  We make choosing the right fit simple, as panels come in many lengths so you never have to compromise style.


Composite Blinds:  Made of high-quality synthetic materials, you won’t have to worry about the blind slats cracking or fading over time.  We’re proud of the UVA inhibitors that make sure your blinds won’t yellow with age or warp.  They are moisture-resistant, so using composite blinds in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms where steamy conditions can occur is a wise choice. Awkward shapes are never an issue as composite blinds are customized for arched or angled-top panes as well as an octagon, trapezoid, and other unusually shaped windows.

Composite blinds do double duty in protecting your home and its contents.  When you close composite blinds, they effortlessly protect against the destructive UV rays of the sun as well as give you an extra layer of insulation, putting them firmly in the energy-efficient category of window treatments.


Roman Shades:  Always inspiring and a perfect source of diffused light to help make your space inviting and dramatic, Roman shades are a popular option.  Whether you select designer-inspired fabrics or gorgeous solids, they are available in top-down/bottom-up options as well as your choice of lift systems. 

This timeless style is an energy-efficient option that will keep the warmth in during the winter months.  Fashion and functionality meet and can be paired with coordinating sliding panels for added flair and additional energy-efficiency.  Customize your Roman shades with fringe, genuine wood cornices, or fabric valances. The sky's the limit!

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