Common Misconceptions About Blinds

Window blinds are a classic design option and have remained a popular window treatment for decades because of their versatility, durability and range of styles.  With possibilities in materials like wood, composites, vinyl and aluminum in both horizontal and vertical options, no wonder they play an important role in the most beautiful fully-dressed windows. 

Surprisingly, there are lots of myths that swirl around blinds.  If you’ve been hesitant to take the leap into installing blinds in your favorite rooms, let us take this chance to dispel some of the misconceptions about blinds.


Well-Made Blinds Are Out of My Budget

Spending a lot on blinds does not mean they are the best.  Faux wood blinds, for example, are a cost-effective choice that will add timeless beauty and durability to your home or business.  There’s no reason to break the bank to find the best option for your spaces.

I Don’t Have the Time to Maintain Blinds Properly

Before you envision a lengthy process to clean blinds, adding to your house cleaning routine, we’re here to tell you that the upkeep on blinds is pretty simple.  Running a vacuum attachment at low intensity, using a feather duster, or, depending upon the material, a sponge in mild detergent will remove dirt and dust buildup, leading to years of shining use.

Blinds Aren’t Good For Large or Unique Shaped Windows

There are lots of options for windows that do not fit into the standard shapes, especially custom window blinds.  For large windows, glass doors, and windows that span from the ceiling to the floor, vertical blinds are a perfect window solution. 

Blinds Will Kill the View

Rather than obstruct your view, the correct blinds will highlight your perspective of the outside by filtering natural light as you wish.  By having the chance to decide on privacy and light filtration, blinds give you ultimate control. 

Blinds Won’t Last Very Long

This myth pops up but couldn’t be further from the truth.  Made of so many different types of materials like aluminum, faux wood, and wood, blinds are durable and built to last for years to come.  They are designed to resist fading and stand up beautifully to household wear and tear.

I Don’t Want Blinds Around My Kids For Safety Reasons

If your home has kids or pets, it is understandable that you would have concerns about the safety factor of blinds with cords, which pose the risk of an accident. Thanks to advanced safety standards and options like motorization which allows you to control your blinds with your smartphone or with the touch of a remote or cordless lift mechanism, there are many ways to eliminate the need for a dangling cord and keep your home and window treatments child and pet safe.

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