Clean Your Window Treatments or Buy New: How to Tell the Difference

The flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer and the temperature is rising. Spring means organizing your surroundings and tackling the big projects that come up once or twice a year.  How can you tell if your window treatments are in need of a deep cleanse or if it is time for a seasonal refresh?  Let’s go through the reasons that should factor into this decision. 

First, let’s check your window solutions.  How are they doing?  Are they in solid shape or have they seen better days?  Daily use and the damaging UV rays of the sun can do a number on your window solutions.  Do a thorough inspection on all sides and check the functionality of each.  Are they operating properly?  Check for sun spots, faded patches or areas that are in need of repair.  If there are threadbare areas or cords that no longer lift and lower as intended, this is a sure sign that new window treatments are needed.

You’ve determined if they are functional but now, let’s consider safety.  If you have young children or pets in your home, safety is a major concern.  Long strings and dangling cords can pose a choking hazard so consider an upgrade to options like cordless shades with retractable lifts, cordless child-friendly blinds and motorized solutions.  It is easy to find options that are state of the art and put safety first while being gorgeous and flattering to every décor.  Another option is retrofit motorized solutions for your existing shades or blinds, making them cordless and reducing the risk of accidents for coverings made and purchased before 2001.

Now that we’ve checked for functionality, wear and tear and safety, take a step back and look at how the window solutions fit in to your space.  Get the big picture. Are they still in style?  Did you love the look a decade ago when you purchased them but now they feel outdated?  Because of their proximity to the natural sunlight that flows into a room, window solutions are a natural focal point in any room. If you feel like their style is dated or it is time for a room refresh, updating your curtains, blinds, drapes or shades can make a huge impact for a reasonable price.  Ask yourself if the window coverings you currently have truly reflect your personal style or the look that you envision for the room.  Flip through a magazine, scroll through Instagram or tune into a marathon of your favorite DIY show to see which window solutions make your heart beat faster.  Discovering the styles that capture your spirit will help you narrow down the types of styles you want to explore.

When the decision to replace and refresh your window solutions is the best option, call (203) 580-3362 to schedule a free consultation with Budget Blinds of Greenwich.  We love updating spaces and will bring the showroom to you. The process is simple and collaborative.  Having a sense of your style and décor is easy when we’re in your favorite rooms.  We find the perfect styles, measure with precision,  and professionally install so you will be thrilled with the outcome. 

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