Broken Blinds - Quick Fixes for Handling Broken Blinds

Blinds allow light to flood into a room during daytime hours and provide additional privacy in the evening. These window coverings are generally easy to maintain, but at times they don’t work properly, which can be unexpected and frustrating.  

Fortunately, a few quick fixes can solve most blind challenges. Here are a few solutions for some common problems:

Blind slats won’t lower

You may have pulled the blinds up to provide maximum light flow into a room. But when you pull the cord to lower them, nothing happens; they’re stuck. Fix this problem by holding the cords level and giving a gentle pull. This action should release the blinds’ locking mechanism.

If this doesn’t work, you can try to release the pin. The cord’s lock mechanism is located in the headrail (this is the area where the cord runs). Push the pin to disengage the locking mechanism on the cord, which should release the blinds immediately.

Blinds won’t lift

Your blinds are pulled down completely for minimal light flow and greater privacy, but when you attempt to pull them up, nothing happens. Why aren’t they lifting? This challenge often occurs when blinds are left in a closed position for an extended period of time. Resetting the spring typically solves the issue, which can be accomplished by simply pulling down on the bottom rail to reactivate the spring.

The bottom of the blinds won’t hang evenly

Cords caught in the headrail are often to blame for this issue. Resolve it by raising and lowering the shades several times until they finally hang evenly.

Slats are broken

A great benefit of blinds is that individual slats can be replaced instead of buying an entirely new window covering. Simply remove the plugs located on the bottom of the rail. After doing this, you should be able to view the knotted lift cord. Simply undo the knot and pull the cord from the front of the blind. Replace the slats and restring the lift cord through each slat in the new blind.

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